Let's see how far we can take Hero of Bladehold.

Angelic Renewal, Benevolent Bodyguard , Cho-Manno's Blessing , Mother of Runes, Sejiri Steppe, and Standard Bearer ought to fight off all but the most dedicated removal suite and probably will let us slip through blockers as well.

Breath of Life is there for us if those fail or if the Hero gets countered.

Lapse of Certainty will help slow the game a bit if needed and provides our only out against exiling countermagic.

Oblivion Ring solves problems as always.

Secluded Steppe lets us run a little land-heavy so we can hit the crucial 4 mana consistently, without diluting our late-game draw odds.

Wall of Glare fends off aggro and loves Mother of Runes like little else.

Congregate saves our butts against evasion and any burn not stopped by Standard Bearer .

Shade of Trokair provides a nice backup win condition if the plan fails.


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