Core set 2020 is upon us and were getting elementals! So this is a temur elemental brew. It’s creature heavy and on paper looks like it could go fast. The curve starts at 2 mana with Creeping Trailblazer as the attack lord. Lightning Stormkin is my hasty flyer. Thunderkin Awakener is another haste creature that can keep reanimating my dead elementals to keep attacking and some ETB effects. Up to the 3 drop slot I have Risen Reef which can either ramp me or draw cards whenever it or another elemental enters. Cloudkin Seer is a flyer and draws me a card. Vivien, Champion of the Wilds gives my creatures flash with her static along with vigilance and reach on her +1. She can also help me dig for a creature with her -2. Icon of Ancestry is my anthem artifact to grow my elementals. It can also help me dig as well. In the 4 drop slot comes Vine Mare . A hex proof elemental that’s given me issues in the past. Mr. angry elemental Omnath, Locus of the Roil does so many things for me. He’s a burn spell when he enters. His “landfall” triggers grow my team and helps me draw cards in the late game. Chandra, Awakened Inferno top’s my curve. The emblem off her + ability will close out game. She also has a non elemental board wipe. Or I can use the -X to snipe something. My burn spell/removal is Electrodominance . Most games I expect a decent amount of land so I can fire it off in big chunks while free casting something.


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