Multiplayer Commander Deck. UW Voltron. The conditional hexproof is what makes this guy fun! Yes you can use Geist or Narset, but this guy is pretty fun and leaves a lot of room for your opponents to make a game out of it.

The deck generates an incredible amount of card advantage not just from the general but from cards like Sphinx's Revelation, Rhystic Study and there is a strong case for Mystic Remora to help you fill your hand in the early game before you play your general.

The deck focuses on Ojutai and giving him vigilance but look to some of the other duders to get some work done. We want to suit up Ojutai and get in that red zone while using our conditional counters to keep him alive. The deck does not over do it on counter magic so be careful to only counter stuff that stops you from winning, such as removal or combos.

If cost of some of the cards is an issue there are many replacements that are comparable.

Mana Drain could be Render Silent , Disallow or Memory Lapse

Adding Divine Reckoning to the Maybeboard as the upside of keeping Ojutai on the board is great and it effectively deals with decks that go wide. Only problem is, it can mean you miss what you really need to kill from an oppenent as giving them the choice is usually strictly worse than a catch all. Also a strong arguement for Mystical Tutor especially now it's much more available, and you can alwayss go and get an aura/equipment tutor if that's what you need. Adding Reality Shift in here too, as despite the fantastic white removal, it's very good.


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