Spell Damage or Creature Beat Down, It's two modern decks in one Hybrid Package.

Table of contents

  • Introduction

  • Turn 2 kill

  • Card Choices

  • Side Board

  • Maybe Board


The deck's goal is to utilize the combination of Lightning Storm and Treasure Hunt . By utilizing dual lands, the deck hopes to get Lightning Storm off as soon as possible. For games 2 and 3, if we feel that the opponent is going to bring in a Layline, we can switch over from Storm Hunt to Zombie Hunt with Zombie Infestation for a slower, yet still viable strategy with an army of zombies. This concept does make the deck feel suboptimal in design. Typically I'd like for my sideboard to be strictly situational cards, with my average build in the Main board. Because I condensed 1/2 the deck into 15 cards, this means some of the situational cards (specifically Mouth of Ronom) have to stay in the main board. Overall, the deck does run smoothly, but it is something to think about.

Turn 2 kill

Turn 0: Start game 2nd. Play Gemstone Caverns

Turn 1: Play Reliquary Tower into Treasure Hunt . Draw 47 lands, leaving only your spells in the deck. Stop at Lightning Storm or draw it at the beginning of your next turn.

Turn 2: Play Snow-Covered Mountain and cast lightning Storm. Discard all 51 of your lands in hand bringing Lightning Storm's power from 3 to 105.

Pure. Unadulterated. Domination.

...Or you could just draw to about 10 lands due to your opponent most likely having shocked themselves to 17 life, and you needing to redirect lightning storm. but that's not as cool.

Card Choices

Reliquary Tower is a 4 of because it is a necessity for getting your hand large enough for Lightning Storm.

Boseiju, Who Shelters All is needed to make sure we don't wiff on lightning storm. doing so most likely loses us the game.

Gemstone Mine /Gemstone Caverns has the ability to tap for any color. this is supposed to be a fast deck, so Gemstone Mine's counters shouldn't be a big worry for us.

other duals: helps an easier transition from treasure hunt into Lightning Storm, or for Zombie hunt in River of Tears' case.

Nephalia Academy helps because protecting our hand is essential. Having an answer to a card in an actual deck like Kozilek or thoughtsieze is a great benefit.

Tolaria West lets us find any land we need, Reliquary tower for our combo, Mouth of ronom for if the opponent has a spellskite, etc.

Snow lands: as stated earlier, Mouth of Ronom is for Spellskite, a card that kills our combo. To use this, we also use snow-covered basics.

Mikokoro, Center of the Sea/Geier Reach Sanitarium are able to draw us a card if we're desperate for stabilizing after something went wrong in our match.

Radiant Fountain because with your opponent doing whatever he/she is doing, and you pinging yourself with cards like Steam Vents and Shivan Reef, this might get you the 2 life needed to boseiju out a Lightning Storm for the win.

Ghost Quarter helps with tron and scapeshift. We only run 1, but can tutor it out with Tolaria West.


Zombie Infestation is the other possibility for our combo with Treasure Hunt. Spawn a bunch of Zombies to win.

Bojuka Bog is in place in part to help with mana fixing, but also can assist with Dredge.

Contested War Zone is to make our Zombies a little more powerful. the goal is to have the zombies come in at the end of our opponent's turn, and contested war zone on your turn to pump them up for one big push.

Snow-Covered Swamp will help mana fix, and let us use Mouth of Ronom if needed.

Tomb of Urami is in the side board as a terrible stabilizer after a board wipe/counter spell. Possibly a 5/5 flyer can take out a big threat, or pose as one until we can get a few great draws under our belt.

Maybe Board

At the top of the list is Ghost Quarter. I really want to find room for 2 of these as opposed to 1 due to both tron and scapeshift, but I cannot find room for it anywhere. I could possibly go down the River of Tears or Steam Vents, but that takes away from the 2 colors we absolutely need to have on the field on turn 3.

Man lands, although stated not to be relevant by a lot of people, always interested me. Faerie Conclave, Kher Keep , Creeping Tar Pit, Mutavault, and Ghitu Encampment are all Man Lands that I think could get us out of a pickle. The only problem is that by turning into creatures, they become risks for removal that would set our combo back a turn.

Scrying Sheets is one of the main reasons I thought about using snow-lands, but as time went on and I edited this decks snow lands out gradually, Sheets lost it's initial value for being in the deck.



Stephencliffe says... #1

this is great. I might make this deck, but only with basic lands. I like having money for food.

March 12, 2017 1:56 a.m.

Jumpnshootman says... #2

Stephencliffe Thank you! I'd still recommend a play set of both reliquary tower and Nephalia Academy if you want to go the all basic route. Reliquary tower lets us get the 10ish lands we need in our hand for lightning storm to be a 1 card kill. Nephalia Academy is less than a quarter, and saves you from any discard your opponent might have. modern is basically a turn 4 format anyway, so this is still possible to do that with just basics and those 8 lands.

Island >> reliquary tower + Treasure Hunt >> Mountain (+ Treasure hunt) >> Mountain + Lightning Storm.

March 12, 2017 3:09 a.m.

musicman3310 says... #3

What if you Treasure Hunt and your top card is another Lightning Storm? Is that the only fault to this deck?

March 13, 2017 11:26 a.m.

Jumpnshootman says... #4

musicman3310, In Playtesting, I found that there are actually a few problems with the deck. For one, this is a $300 version of a $20 gimmick deck. Game Wise, you could wiff on the mulligans when trying to start the game with a Treasure Hunt, and I believe you'll only have a 88% chance of starting the game with one if I'm remembering correctly. What you mentioned is correct. Not having large Treasure Hunts hurt us significantly, but in actuality, this is less of an issue for us than the other versions of this deck.

Zombie Infestation needs about 20 lands in hand for you to spawn 10 zombies (you'll most likely still need this many zombies for dealing with blockers, but Contested War Zone gives us lethal damage with only needing 14 lands in hand).

Seismic Assault still has the same ratio of damage per discard (2 per land), and it doesn't need the Mouth of Ronom for Spellskite. The downside is that it is tripple red to cast. this means more lands on the battlefield and an extra turn of us trying to stay alive. It's easier for us to have the extra lands we would have needed to cast this just stay in our hands for lightning storm's redirect ability.

Conflagrate is another option, and gets around counter spell, but requires about double the lands as this due to it's damage per discard ratio being halved.

March 13, 2017 11:48 a.m.

musicman3310 says... #5

Just to spread the love Jumpnshootman, this is my fav deck on this site other than mine (which are far less excellent than this one).

March 17, 2017 7:04 p.m.

Jedzzz says... #6

How do you deal with a few counter target spells in an opponent deck? Love the deck by the way

March 19, 2017 1:01 p.m.

Jumpnshootman says... #7

Jedzzz if we feel that the deck is going to face counters, we use boseiju. For redirects with spellskite, we use mouth of ronom. And finally, we include nephalia academy for discard. those are the three main ways the deck protects itself.

March 20, 2017 12:55 p.m.

Timota says... #8

Well I don't wanna sound pessimistic but I have two questions. Before I say anything I love this list its hysterical, I just wanna know what happens against decks that target lands? Second thing is what do you do against a Pithing Needle or a Pyrexian Revoker. These may not be completely common but many modern lists have one of the two side board or some even run them main depending on the list. The other thing is would it be a good idea to a run a Laboratory Maniac side as a way to draw your self out? Possibly more man lands as a back up beat down option?

March 21, 2017 9:43 a.m.

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