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[1v1 French] Rafiq Infect

Commander / EDH




Using the French 1v1 banlist.

Here is my primer for the deck which contains everything you would ever want to know about the deck.


Send me PMs on reddit if you want to discuss the deck. My user name is mpaw975.


The deck was originally tuned to beat tempo/control decks like Geist or Wydwen. My meta contains more midrange decks. I also need to make room for Treasure Cruise and Become Immense. So I'm maing the following changes:

OUT-Trickbind-Aether Vial-Savage Summoning-Might of Oaks

IN-Tresure Cruise-Become Immense-Brainstorm-Ephemeral Shields

ADDED TO MAYBE-Mortal Obstinancy-Gods Willing-Oppresive Rays-Valorous Stance


marioman77 says... #1

How has this deck done for you , play test it against my mimeoplasm infect deck , i don't know how if you have a few mins

January 3, 2015 9:01 p.m.

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This deck is Commander / EDH legal.

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