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Mono Green Energy ( $45.00 competitive )

Standard Budget Competitive Energy Mono-Green



Blossoming Defense has been swapped for Crash the Ramparts

Budget - $45.00

Ramp up the Energy and ramp up the wins. This is a budget friendly, yet competitive, mono-green energy deck.

The main goal is to gather enough energy to surge Electrostatic Pummelers power to epic proportions. So, theres plenty of ways to do it.

3 : the guy gets +x/+x where x is his power. So, how do you ramp him up? Well, youll notice almost every card in the deck gives a pretty good amount energy counters. So save them up when you can. Next, youll want a Larger Than Life, Blossoming Defense, or Highspire Infusion to ramp up Pummelers power before you start the energy process.

Example - Turn 6, you have 5 lands. Its possible to have around 9-12 Energy counters by now. You spend 1 mana to cast Blossoming Defense, making Electrostatic Pummeler a 3/3 with Hexproof, then you cast Larger than Life, making him a 7/7, lastly you cast Highspire Infusion and he is now a 10/10 with Trample, Hexproof, and you have 2 more energy counters. All for the 5 mana on turn six. Now you spend 9 energy to use Pummelers ability, which makes him a 80/80 with Trample and Hexproof. Swing for what is likely lethal.

Example of how to get 9+ energy by turn 6

Turn 1 - play a Forest and Attune with Aether. You have 2

Turn 2 - play a Aether Hub and Sage of Shailias Claim. You now have 6 energy

Turn 3 - play a Forest and Electrostatic Pummeler. You now have 9 energy.

9 at turn 3, and its enough to make Pummeler roll. You could even win on Turn 4 with 4 mana and a combo of 2 Blossoming Defense and a Larger Than Life.

Theres also a good amount of hexproof/Indestructible cards to keep your creatures alive, youll want to slot more in if your opponent is running a heavy removal deck. Youll find extras in the sideboard.




SFMufasa says... #1

Why no Longtusk Cubs?

October 19, 2017 9:39 p.m.

PickleNutz says... #2

I just personally never have luck with them. When you play this deck you really have to save Blossoming defense for Pummeler and removal is a real issue. So I just havent had luck actually keeping Longtusk out. Instead I just chose to load up on creatures who provide energy without having conditions attached to it. Its all preference and what works for you in the meta.

October 19, 2017 9:50 p.m.

not.gunnar says... #3

I don't think Electrostatic Pummeler can do much without dedicated evasion support in the deck. Larger Than Life is good, but it's only 4 out of 60 cards. Pummeler could be a 64/64 and it'd still do absolutely nothing on your turn if they chump block with a 1/1. You pretty much NEED to draw Larger Than Life to make Pummeler worth it, and that's just unlikely without any card draw in your deck.

Maybe put in some Crash the Ramparts? Or get rid of Pummeler entirely and replace him with something like Longtusk Cub.

November 1, 2017 3:04 p.m.

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