This is based on a deck that I saw, and i thought that the combo was amazing.

The only issue I had with the original deck, was that most of the sorceries/ instants weren't doing much besides kicking the +1/+1 and untap abilities of the Blistercoil Weird, and I tried to use cards that actually did something to either protect it, guarantee that I get to hit for dmg or give me some advantage.

So how does it work:

The ideia is on T2 being able to have on the floor Blistercoil Weird equipped with Paradise Mantle.

Then you want to tap Blistercoil Weird for mana, play a spell, untap, add +1/+1 and mill your deck until you can 1HKO or use Grapeshot or a mix of both.

I've been playtesting and it's being really fun and players are giving me some good feedback.

Feel free to give your opinion on how to make it even better and give it a +1 if you like it!!

Still working on the sideboard, would love some help.


Updates Add

Decided to drop the Swan Song from the mainboard and roll with 3 on the side to use them against some combo deck or something like that.

Sent 1x Slip Through Space to the sideboard to use against creature heavy and low on removal/ interaction because against those decks being unblockable is enough to win.

The 3 spots released by these changes were filled with 3x Apostle's Blessing, because contrary to what happened with card: god's blessing the phyrexian mana aloows me to always use it as long as i have 1 mana open. I believe protection is the way to go against removal heavy decks (maybe hexproof ih i find something cool)

So, 2nd update:




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