"We are the knights of New Benalia and we....wait a minute, who are these guys? I don't remember any centaurs or dryads being in our order. Wait, green mana, what the? Okay this is weird..."

Deck performs great. Took it to FNM, went 3-0 against Dimir Surveil, Simic Stompy, and Mono-Red Goblins. Friend played the deck at Standard Showdown and the deck went 4-0 against Sultai Midrange, Izzet Wizards, Mono-Red Goblins, and Boros Aggro. Weirdly enough Conclave Cavalier was a point of contention. I cast it each game when I played it, and my friend only cast it twice and said is was dead most of the time. Both times he cast it though it put in work, so I have no idea. Either way, the deck seems great and proves both speedy and resilient.

So, go with me on this journey. Orzhov Knights, seems decent right, well I believe it is. So let us dive a little deeper into the workings of what I believe is a deck that has untold amounts of potential. Abzan Knights. By adding green to our mana base we get access to what is possibly one of the best creatures printed in the last year, Knight of Autumn. The moment I saw this card, I knew I would be adding it to my White/Black Knights deck. Aside from having the right subtype for the deck, Knight of Autumn has more flexibility that a contortionist. Able to be a three mana 4/3, a Reclamation Sage or a Lone Missionary gives it a use for nearly every situation. "But is only has three toughness!" I hear you yell from the peanut gallery. Yea, so? There are a host of creatures at three toughness or less that saw standard play with no one griping about them. Bomat Courier, Ahn-Crop Crasher, Glint-Sleeve Siphoner, Winding Constrictor. All three or less toughness and all saw massive standard play.

Assassin's Trophy is not in this list, but feel free to play it if you have them. I'm going to wait for the price to drop a little before I add them to the list.

A little less crazy, but still really good is the four copies of Conclave Cavalier, a four mana 4/4 that splits into two 2/2s is a pretty damned good rate. Right subtype, makes more of the right subtype. The only tricky part is the double coloured pips for both green and white, but shock lands are back, plus we have both sets of check lands, so it should be doable. Now that I've gushed about why green was even added to the deck, let's move on to the bulk of the deck.

Starting at the bottom of our curve is our bread and butter Knight of Grace and Knight of Malice. These guys help put in a lot of our early game damage and are just solid cards all around. Moving up the curve is the aforementioned Knight of Autumn (see above for why this card is good). Staying at the three drop is a new addition from Guilds of Ravnica, Midnight Reaper and his ability to helps us get little bits of advantage by drawing us a card or two.. Continuing up the curve comes the four drops and this is where the real power of the deck comes from. A full, let me say that again, a FULL playset of Valiant Knight ensures that we have all the double strike in the world. This dude is great, sure he eats removal spell, what lord doesn't, but the best part is the four toughness which allows it to dodge a host of red removal. Next up is Conclave Cavalier for reasons listed above, and finally Aryel, Knight of Windgrace. This lady right here is the real deal, like the real, real deal. A 4/4 for four mana, with vigilance is good. Hey, it makes knights. Oh that's pretty good. It also kills things. Damn son, now that's a damn fine card. She protect, she attack, but most importantly she fill rank.

Now then, let's look at our non-creature spells, because these allow us to remove threats, establish our own, and anthem our team to game winning levels. Up first is the big lad on campus, History of Benalia. This card quickly established itself as one of the most pushed cards from Dominaria, sporting four power over two bodies and an anthem that is game winning. This card makes this deck not only possible, but resilient. Next up is the removal package, which consists of four Cast Down for the majority of creatures, and a pair of Price of Fame for any legends or other creatures should the need arise.

Our mana base is relatively straight forward with 3 Forest, 3 Swamp, 4 Plains, playsets of Sunpetal Grove, Isolated Chapel, and Temple Garden, and a pair of Woodland Cemetery. With 24 lands we should be able to get the lands we need without getting flooded, but also be able to get enough lands to not be starved for mana. Just wait till we get Godless Shrine, then we really get to be consistent.

Our sideboard fills in the rest of any answers we should need with the rest of our Price of Fame and Seal Away. Divest and Duress are her for aggro and control match ups respectively. Kraul Harpooner, while not a knight gives us some reach in the air while still providing a good body. Vraska, Golgari Queen is just a very good card that helps us pull ahead in multiple ways, while Ixalan's Binding helps us deal with troublesome planeswalkers our selves.

So, there you have it, Abzan Knights. Only time will tell if this deck is the real deal or a real flop, but I have high hopes as all the pieces are good on their own and together should make a very good midrange /aggro deck.

As always, help is welcomed and criticism needed to ensure that the deck performs at peak level. Don't be afraid to comment anything you think will help the deck reach its full potential and be sure to upvote if you enjoyed the deck.

Thanks and happy topdecks.


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