My blue white (Mind) control deck. Hoping to give it a testdrive this Friday. :)


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After Tonights FNM I feel it runs 50/50. Won 2 out of 4 matches and I need to hold of my opponents a bit longer

Biggest switch: Mistfire Adept for Harbinger of the Tides. Ive also removed Refocus As ive had no use for it during any match, Mostly because I had other options to target multiple creatures (Launch the Fleet and Triton Tactics

Updated the Sideboard with 3 Spectra Ward for Anti removal. Must protect that Willbreaker agains heavy removal decks. Though Negate and Disolve did that for me. Also added Celestial Flare For Hexproof heavy decks. Steal the stuff that isn't hexproof when the opponant attacks and then force him to sacrifice the hexproof creature.

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+1 Battlefield Thaumaturge maybe