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Aggro, the old standby, and a deck that can always put up a fight and make your opponent work for a win. Boros takes this concept and cranks it to 11. Some of the best aggro creatures in Standard right now are either red or white, or in some cases both, and this deck takes what I believe are the best pieces of both and creates a deck that hits hard, and hits fast, and sometimes kills your opponent on turn four. So, let's dive on into the fray and beat some faces.

May I present to you, the new and improved Boros Aggro. Sporting the latest and greatest in turning creatures sideways, this deck slices, it dices, it kills your opponent, and oh so much more.

First things first, rotation hit this deck hard. We lost over 90 percent of our card base. When the deck was trimmed of all it rotating pieces we were left with only four, count em, four cards left in our main board. Lightning Strike . The Side board was hit nearly as hard only retaining Ixalan's Binding . Things were not looking good needless to say. Luckily, the Legion has returned, and baby, we're back better than ever.

So, let's get right into this with our one drops. In this slot we have four creatures that we can drop on turn one, a play set of Healer's Hawk . The hawk has the ability to get in early damage and can be mentored to remain relevant for a longer period in the game. This little guy also really throws a wrench into the game plan of any burn deck or Izzet Drake builds as the life link makes you that little bit harder to kill.

Moving on to the two drop slot is the meat of our deck. First up is Boros Challenger , a meaty 2/3 for a red and a white with the ability to pump itself in the late game is a nice beater and blocker with a lot of versatility. Next up is a combat power house, Swiftblade Vindicator . Three keywords make this thing a real threat if it gets mentored twice, heck even once and it's still a damn fine attacker. Next is a new addition from War of the Spark, Tenth District Legionnaire . A 2/2 with haste that can get bigger should it get pumped by the combat trick side of Integrity / Intervention and scrys 1. That's some good value. Lastly is the main card the deck now revolves around, Hero of Precinct One . With this little card on the field, 99% of our cards come with a 1/1 attached to them, and that's pretty good.

Moving up the curve comes the three drops. Tajic, Legion's Edge blows this deck out of the water, a hasty 3/2 body with mentor, and the ability to gain first strike as well as protecting our team from non combat damage is a ridiculous amount of value for only three mana. Previously Militia Bugler held a slot here as well but as for now he has been taken out to make way for a newer, more aggressive creature, Tenth District Legionnaire

Finally our four drop creatures, of which we are running two of. Aurelia, Exemplar of Justice looks to be one of the best turns fours for any deck running one, and boy does she bring the heat. Aside from dropping a 2/5 body onto the field to block, her ability allows her to have an immediate impact on the board by pumping another create and more than likely giving not only one, but two keywords to that creature, never mind the power boost. Come turn five, she can give the boost to herself so that she is a flying, trample, vigilant 4/5 with mentor, which more than likely can mentor any of your other creatures and help push through more damage to finish out a game.

Now comes our non-creature spells, and we have fourteen of them. Starting with our removal we have the old standby Lightning Strike . Three damage where ever you need it for two mana. A damn fine card that should be included in every aggro list. We are running an additional spell here as well. A full play set of Justice Strike , with its ability to take out seriously large threats like Ghalta, Primal Hunger or other large creatures; which makes it a very good piece of removal. A playset of Heroic Reinforcements can help close out a game really quickly if we have set up board on turn four. Dropping four power onto the board and pumping the rest of our team can lead to turn five kills, if not a turn four kill. Lastly, I've brought back a card that was always just getting cut out of the main deck, but now I feel deserves a place, Integrity / Intervention . With Tenth District Legionnaire being printed that first side of the card becomes much better, and as always, Lightning Helix is always a good card.

The mana base consists of four Sacred Foundry , four Clifftop Retreat and both seven Plains and Mountain . Keeping it simple.

Our sideboard consists of three Knight of Grace for any match ups against black decks. A pair of Ixalan's Binding help to deal with permanents other than creatures such as Planeswalkers. Deafening Clarion is a house against any other small aggro decks and the life gain alone can put us out of range for some decks, and if we control a Tajic, Legion's Edge this effectively only wipes the opponents board. Two copies of Ajani, Adversary of Tyrants to give us some recursion or a little boost to edge out a game. A pair of Lyra Dawnbringer help us either go over aggro decks that get a faster start than us, or help us go a little more midrange to grind them out. Lyra is also just an effective beater that can help us close out games. A pair of Lava Coil to help with the Izzet Drake builds floating around. Finally a pair of Unbreakable Formation can help us stop any board wipes that come our way, and can help us alpha strike should the need arise.

And there we have it. A new aggro deck for this brave new standard, complete with shock lands, removal and good creatures.

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Hold fast, stay strong. For the Legion!


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