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Note: deck jumps between running the 2 Servants, and swapping them out for the extra 2 Opals. Hard to tell what gets me more value at the moment

Welcome to the Modular Factory - where all our robots build up insane power and take over the world - just like Skynet. Idea is simple, abuse Proliferation & Modular, get a ton of counters on creatures, and wreck havoc.

Arcbound Ravager , and Arcbound Worker all benefit from modular and can give each other counters upon eventual death.

Steel Overseer pumps more counters around and just makes everything silly (as if there weren't enough already).

Hangarback Walker benefits heaps from all his robot buddies throwing counters around, and I can sac him whenever I feel to get a ton of thropters out (that Steel Overseer can then pump for some silly flyers)

Walking Ballista because, well, obviously it's good. Also I can sac all my modular dudes onto it and just gunshot people.

Throne of Geth lets me sac a creature that would have died anyway to proliferate. I can also do this after blockers are declared to move counters around and sneak in some extra damage. I've found I need sac outlets and it's better to have more than just the Arcbound Ravager to do so.

Hardened Scales is awesome, If i have one of these in my opening hand I almost always win. basically doubles all the nonsense happening


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Made the deck into a GW powerhouse instead of the slower UG version it was prior. Works much faster, and more resilient now also.



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