My go at an Aristocrats-style build for Ayli. One of my first EDH decks I built was a god-awful cleric tribal deck with her at the helm. I love Ayli as a commander, so this is an attempt to do something much better than that first try. Some clerics made the leap to this version, but the deck is a lot more balanced now.

My primary wincons revolve around creating infinite death loops coupled with Blood Artist triggers. Recurring Kokusho, the Evening Star will also get me there. If I have no other option, I can always swing for the fences with token overrun from Elenda, the Dusk Rose and Grave Titan .

There are several ways for the deck to go infinite, many of which depend on Ashnod's Altar . In any case, pulling off any of the combos below with a Blood Artist / Zulaport Cutthroat on board wins the game. I'm trying out Bitter Ordeal as well for an additional wincon with some style points.

  • Fiend Hunter / Tidehollow Sculler / Mesmeric Fiend / Leonin Relic-Warder + a sac outlet in response to their ETB trigger: lets us permanently exile the targeted card.

  • Animate Dead -type card played on Karmic Guide in the graveyard: lets us reanimate any other creature in my yard without the negatives of the reanimation aura. Both the Guide and the aura end up in the grave. Combos with Sun Titan and a free sacrifice outlet.

  • Sun Titan + any of the reanimation auras: lets us return any other creature in a graveyard to the battlefield. Allows for some very strong loops that don't necessarily go infinite.

The deck's main gameplan falls apart pretty hard against Rest in Peace effects, or anything that prevents creatures in my yard from being targeted. I may need to include more noncreature removal in order to remove such effects, which will be typically be from enchantment or artifact sources.

Comments and suggestions are always welcome. I've played only a handful of games with the deck so far, and am always eager to try out the latest batch of changes. I've added tags to some cards to get a better idea of the deck's composition, and am seeking to pick up a copy of Cabal Coffers , ideally through trade. Holding out for a potential reprint in Horizons, though!

A last note, Wrath of God in the above list is actually Dusk / Dawn . I swapped it for the sake of display - it bothers me how this site counts Dusk / Dawn as a 10cmc card, and throws off the average cmc and curve chart.


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