Here’s my attempt at making a Treefolk deck since I find the theme so charming. It’s a hard one to make competitive because Treefolk cost so much mana to cast and tend towards being high on toughness and low on power, e.g. Redwood Treefolk , but I found a twist.

The essential thing the deck is built around is the Treefolk interaction with Treefolk Umbra , which gives 0/+2 to and uses toughness as power when dealing damage! This makes them into pretty great branch beaters if you can get that enchantment on, and even more so if you can land a Rancor enchantment and get trample. I did not end up using the more expensive Treefolk as these two Oaks were so much faster to get out and had nice synergies.

Spidersilk Armor buffs the Treefolk Umbra strategy and gives a boost to all the vulnerable little ones. It also grants reach to help defend against fliers.

If Bosk Banneret comes out early and sticks around, you will have a great discount on Treefolk and Shaman spells. Essence Warden can take advantage of that discount and so can Sakura-Tribe Elder , who is there to help with mana ramp along many of the cards in the deck like Abundant Growth and Evolving Wilds .

Battlewand Oak takes advantage of these Landfall triggers, and Ambassador Oak comes with a friend who can help with blocks and sacrifice edicts. These are the two main Treefolk warriors of the deck.

Note that Evolving Wilds can stay on the battlefield if you don’t need the land and then be cracked on an attacking player’s turn to buff a defending Battlewand Oak with Landfall. Sakura-Tribe Elder can be similarly sacrificed any time, but also can serve as chump blocker who gets sacrificed before damage is assigned. I believe that he can be sacrificed anytime, so that would work even if some kind of removal is on the stack.

At 5 CMC, Rootgrapple is an expensive spell, but it has really neat synergies with this deck: removal and card draw. Importantly, it can also benefit from Bosk Banneret ’s discount. Rootgrapple is a great card.

Snakeform is a fun instant for dealing with attackers and blockers, or temporarily shutting down an opponent’s critter that’s generating some terrible ability. Hopefully that spell, and Vines of Vastwood , can protect precious creatures from removal for a while.

Snakeform , Abundant Growth , and Rootgrapple also can generate some needed card draw.


Foxfire Oak could be added as a mana-dump in case you get flooded.


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