Formerly a Daxos enchantments deck. Now it's my take on CN2 Marchesa

Queen Marchesa's true strength lies in her ability to make you The Monarch. Drawing a free card each turn is a huge deal, making her one of the best Mardu options to build a Control deck. The card draw isn't even reliant on Queen Marchesa being on the battlefield either, so she could die and you'd still be drawing cards as long as you're The Monarch.

If we build around Marchesa's card draw, we need to make sure we keep that crown. As soon as you declare yourself the monarch, your opponents will be gunning for you to become The Monarch themselves. We have plenty of cards available to us that will make sure we remain The Monarch.

Pillow Fort

We can hold on to our crown by deterring threats with cards like: Ghostly Prison; Archangel of Tithes; Sphere of Safety; Teysa, Envoy of Ghosts; Karmic Justice; Darien, King of Kjeldor.

Evasive Creatures

If we do lose our crown, we can always get it back with evasive or hard to block creatures: Ankle Shanker; Brutal Hordechief; Assassin Tokens; Skyline Despot.

Become the Monarch

There are creatures that simply crown us as The Monarch, such as: Custodi Lich; Protector of the Crown; Knights of the Black Rose; Throne of the High City; Marchesa's Decree; and Queen Marchesa Herself.


Solemn Simulacrum; Burnished Hart; Knight of the White Orchid; Sword of the Animist; Talisman of Conviction; Talisman of Hierarchy; Sol Ring; Chrome Mox; Gilded Lotus; Smothering Tithe; Revel in Riches.


Mathas, Fiend Seeker; Mentor of the Meek; Solemn Simulacrum; Sorin, Grim Nemesis; Scheming Symmetry; Phyrexian Arena; Underworld Connections.


Mother of Runes; Grand Abolisher; Aven Mindcensor; Kambal, Consul of Allocation; Thalia, Heretic Cathar; Kaya's Guile; Armageddon; Deafening Silence; Rule of Law.

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