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Today we're taking a step back to what may be one of my favorite mechanics ever made, Batallion. What this keyword does is it generates a powerful effect when I attack with 3 or more creatures.

For example, when I attack with 3 Boros Elite they will each get +2/+2 from their Battalion ability.

It can be a very powerful effect if used right, but it can be very situational in most normal situations. So as a response to that, I added quite a few ways to protect your creatures in the form of Indestructible.

Boros Elite is an extremely good way to put the opponent on ice, provided you have some way to stop them from dying from a slight breeze in hand.

You also have Bolt. Usually, since this is such a creature based deck, you want to use them to remove creatures that wall your battalion, though the burn can pull you out of a rut without issue.

This deck is packing an absolutely stupid amount of burst damage for what it is. I've had no problem sitting behind a wall of indestructible creatures, and then hitting for an unexpected 15+ damage on the crackback.

Needed Changes

  • Dual Lands
  • Needs Testing and Tuning

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