This is my first take on a Marchesa deck. I try to use a good mix of utility and synergy for lots of options. I build my decks on a budget, so I tend to spend less than 5 dollars on each card. Cards I have that are more than that are ones I've pulled from sealed products

This is a reflection of a deck I've built irl

I use plenty of utility cards to make the deck play butter smooth: - Fatestitcher gives a lot of options for untapping lands/mana rocks/creatures after attacking, or other permanents with tap abilities. This is also useful for tapping opponents permanents on their turn - Cryptic Annelid and Mystic Speculation give some of the best Scry in the game, and allow me to plan my draws 2 or 3 in advance - Viashino Heretic gives continuous artifact hate -I keep plenty of single target removal like Stronghold Assassin , Evil Twin and Royal Assassin as well as one of the best counterspells imho, Glen Elendra Archmage

Many of these are abilities on creatures since I have plenty of creature recurrence

Beyond this, I have several creatures with Dethrone, as it triggers separately for each instance on a creature and two +1/+1 counters suddenly appearing on a creature as it attacks is incredibly intimidating. I also have threat effects to allow room for political leverage, Cipher cards to give my unblockable creatures a heavier hit, and plenty of ways to add +1/+1 counters to my creatures to give that good good recurrence

So far I've had a lot of fun playing this deck and it is actually a lot more capable than I first thought


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