This is my first take on a Marchesa deck. I try to use a good mix of utility and synergy for lots of options. I build my decks on a budget, so I tend to spend less than 5 dollars on each card. Cards I have that are more than that are ones I've pulled from sealed products

This is a reflection of a deck I've built irl

I use plenty of utility cards to make the deck play butter smooth: -Fatestitcher gives a lot of options for untapping lands/mana rocks/creatures after attacking, or other permanents with tap abilities. This is also useful for tapping opponents permanents on their turn -Cryptic Annelid and Mystic Speculation give some of the best Scry in the game, and allow me to plan my draws 2 or 3 in advance -Viashino Heretic gives continuous artifact hate -I keep plenty of single target removal like Stronghold Assassin, Evil Twin and Royal Assassin as well as one of the best counterspells imho, Glen Elendra Archmage

Many of these are abilities on creatures since I have plenty of creature recurrence

Beyond this, I have several creatures with Dethrone, as it triggers separately for each instance on a creature and two +1/+1 counters suddenly appearing on a creature as it attacks is incredibly intimidating. I also have threat effects to allow room for political leverage, Cipher cards to give my unblockable creatures a heavier hit, and plenty of ways to add +1/+1 counters to my creatures to give that good good recurrence

So far I've had a lot of fun playing this deck and it is actually a lot more capable than I first thought


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