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As they rose together the entire world trembled in fear.

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I actually love Zombies with my whole heart! They were the first deck I ever built/played and they helped me to learn how to take my first steps into the wonderful world of Magic. Naturally when I saw they were back in standard for even a little while I took it upon myself to build a deck full of love and nostalgia. Suggestions are always welcome and have helped to shape this deck into what it is!
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Cryptbreaker: Discard and token engine, can help fill the board with Zombies while providing card advantage. Can provide fuel to its own ability (You really only need one or two on the field, so you can use any other draws of it to put a token onto play).

Diregraf Colossus: Utilizes the graveyard fuel to come out big for an affordable cost.

Dread Wanderer: It's like wizards combined Gravecrawler with Diregraf Ghoul!

Gisa and Geralf: Small self mill providing recursion that can proc fuel.

Lord of the Accursed: It's very surprising that this is only an uncommon but either way it helps to make the horde even scarier.

Prized Amalgam: Fuel for the discard engines, solid cost body.

Relentless Dead: His abilities are both awesome and pair together really well.

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Key to the City: Discard engine and draw advantage rolled into one.

From Under the Floorboards: In order to get the most value for cost this card is best used with a free discard effect.

Fatal Push: A good way to deal with annoying flying creatures.

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Liliana, Death's Majesty: She is the Lily I've been wishing for, finally one that interacts with Zombie tribal.

Liliana, the Last Hope: Can help quell an annoying weenie, is most powerful when she has her ultimate.

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Liliana's Mastery: Power.

Geralf's Masterpiece: Big body, discard.

Noosegraf Mob: Tokens.

Plague Belcher: Burn.

Dark Salvation: Removal, tokens.

Never // Return: Removal.

Gisa's Bidding: Tokens.

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