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Group Hug - Chandra, Awakened Inferno (OBK)

Oathbreaker Mono-Red



“Welcome to my group hug Chandra, Awakened Inferno deck” is probably what you thought I was going to say but unfortunately you live in a clickbait world. However, the cruelty of my clickbait is like a field of butterflies compared to what this deck can do so stick around and lemme show you the power of Chandra, Awakened Inferno and her signature spell Browbeat . This deck is obviously not designed around group hug, but maybe more so around genocide. The name of the game is to abuse all 3 of the abilities offered by Chandra, Awakened Inferno . Her +2 can be made much better with damage doublers such as Furnace of Rath or Dictate of the Twin Gods , her -3 with cards such as Repercussion or Burning Sands , and her -X with everything I mentioned earlier and more. This deck contains no creatures so cards like Repercussion do not bite you back in the ass, so we play board wipes like Blasphemous Act and Breaking Point , spot removal like Lightning Bolt , and cards that like Smoke and Meekstone to protect us. Why Browbeat though? Well, the idea is that we all start with 20 life, so by turn 4-7 when I can cast Browbeat you’re probably already sitting at 10 or less life. Will you really risk losing half of your life just to stop me from drawing 3 cards? Probably not... and then I’ll finish you off with that Fiery Confluence I just drew into anyway. BUT if you do take the 5 damage I’ll probably -X Chandra out of spite to kill you off anyway. The point is there’s nothing lost and I can cast it again for 5 mana following and still justify 5 mana to draw 3. Oh and if my opponents play 2+ colors they probably run a lot of nonbasic lands and have good removal so Ruination and Price of Glory exist to mess their life up because they’re a threat to me. NOTE: I’m not actually as mean as the dialogue above gives off... I’m just playing my part as the aggressive mono red player :).

Any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks for reading!

So the question coming to mind is probably “if you have no creatures, how do you plan to win?” I’m mostly banking on pulling off Chandra’s +2 at least once to create a non-removable emblem that will slowly kill my opponents. This is not too hard to do as she is unable to be countered. I’m not a fast paced red deck however, as my intention is not to win as quickly as possible but more so disrupt my opponents enough such that they can’t do enough to recover from a slow burn. Boardwipes and spot removal are all amazing for this purpose as my players can use up their resources early turn and I can continue to take them out. Most of my wipes / spot removal are multipurpose - I like the cards that give me the choice to either hurt my opponents directly, OR take out their creatures, artifacts, or planeswalkers. Fiery Confluence is the perfect example of this. If I already wiped the board with Blasphemous Act , I can still make use out of Fiery Confluence by making each opponent lose 2 life or taking out their artifacts. Taking out creatures will always take priority though. Once Chandra is out and her +2 has been used at least once, my main goal is to just stay alive longer than my opponents. Browbeat is an amazing card to draw me more cards to find late game answers. Decree of Annihilation is the perfect card to play once at least one emblem is on my opponents as it essentially wipes everything in existence and leaves my opponents requiring several turns to recover.

NOTE: In group games it’s likely better to sub out Browbeat for Risk Factor as your signature spell, as you can now direct the damage as you choose and avoid life gain players.

Magmaquake : It is clear that Chandra, Awakened Inferno is a late play planeswalker. Being a no creature deck, Magmaquake is literally the PERFECT card to play right before Chandra, Awakened Inferno comes out... Simply make X = 2-4 and wipe a lot of the board and cast Chandra the following turn.

Decree of Annihilation : Can you think of a better wincon than this? Chandra, Awakened Inferno produces emblems that are essentially impossible to remove. If you can pull off casting Decree of Annihilation , unless an opponent has a planeswalker or enchantment capable of gaining them life or dealing damage out, you basically have the game on lock as it's nearly impossible to build back up the board in time before the emblems kill off your opponents.

Burning Sands : Given this deck does not have any creatures, this card has amazing synergies with all of the boardwipes/spot removal in the deck as well as Chandra, Awakened Inferno herself.

Stuffy Doll : Such a fun one to have in this deck. All my damage dealing board wipes now deal that much damage to a chosen opponent. Very easy to kill someone with this. NOTE: Do not cast if Repercussion is currently out xD.


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