*Note: I am constantly making edits, so the deck you see now may change and the description may not be accurate.

Brago, King Eternal aims to flicker permanents with etb effects. There are many cards that can be played in this deck. I added other playable cards into the maybeboard. There are many combos in this deck.

Primarily, the combo for infinite flicker is Brago, King Eternal + Strionic Resonator , and Sol Ring or any other mana rock that produces 2 mana.

Secondly, there is the Brago, King Eternal + Oblivion Ring combo. This combo works because when you exile Oblivion Ring the second effect tells you to un-exile the card. But, since you exiled Oblivion Ring the effect can't take place, because Oblivion Ring does not exist. You can also activate this effect with Detention Sphere and Angel of Serenity. Cards with the same effect not in the deck include Journey to Nowhere and Fiend Hunter.

A another small combo that we have includes Expropriate and Ulamog's Reclaimer. Most likely we will be able to take an extra turn from Expropriate. If we do, we can play Ulamog's Reclaimer and get it back and replay it. From this we can a near infinite combo, as long as we get an extra turn from Expropriate.

For hate in the deck I run:

Winter Orb,Stasis, and Hokori, Dust Drinker is used to keep everything our opponent's owned tapped down. We can have everything untapped, because of our flicker effects from Brago, King Eternal.

Lavinia of the Tenth against creatures and token decks.

Reality Acid and Spine of Ish Sah against everything. Flickering both of them will be able to remove everything on the board, except for your own. Both of these targets any permanents.

Ghostly Prison and Propaganda are auto-includes in white and blue decks. They hate on attackers.

Stonehorn Dignitary locks an opponent out of combat for a turn.

End Hostilities is our only board wipe, because we are essentially a creature based deck, and we would not like them to disappear that easily.

Tower of the Magistrate knocks of all equipment of voltron commanders or any creature with an equipped equipment.


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