This is a death-pinger deck inspired after my father who's a former Army Ranger sniper & paratrooper.

This deck is designed for semi-competitive playgroup where you are playing strong & efficient decks but people aren't aiming to win with a 2-card combo on t4. The gameplan is to cast Kelsien, the Plague as soon as possible, slap on deathtouch, assassinate the most valuable creature on the board to build xp counters, & abused this ability until we have lethal.

Being Mardu, we naturally compliment our death-pinger strategy with a minor theme in lifegain & stax with cards like Blind Obedience, Stranglehold, Authority of the Consuls, Mana Web & Blood Artist. This helps us soften the damage from Necropotence, Night's Whisper, Greed, & Tymna the Weaver for card draw while also stopping our opponents' from playing unfair & rude magic.

We have a strong package of 5 Swords to give Kelsien protection from colors along with their powerful side-effects. Sword of the Paruns, Thornbite Staff, Illusionist's Bracers, & so on help us use our pinging ability multiple times to help control the board along with boosting our xp counters. I have the artifact lands to help activate Mox Opal as fast as possible if we happen to draw it in the opening hand.

If you activate Reconnaissance on an attacking creature you control (like Kelsien, the Plague) after it has dealt combat damage, either in the combat damage step or the end of combat step, then you’re able to untap it after it has dealt its combat damage, giving it pseudo-vigilance. This is possible because a creature doesn’t stop being an attacking creature until the combat phase ends and so it can still be targeted by Reconnaissance between combat damage being dealt and the second main phase beginning. So what this does is allow us to tap Kelsien, the Plague after combat damage to ping something, and then untap him with Reconnaissance. Allowing us to either get x2 pings or x1 ping while our commander is untapped in order to protect us.

Bludgeon Brawl is a unique card that transforms our mana rocks, Mana Web, & Magewright's Stone into equipment. So even when we're flooded with mana in the mid-late game, our mana rocks have value in being +2/0 for Kelsien, the Plague.

Magus of the Coffers + Sword of the Paruns or Umbral Mantle = infinite black mana - Use infinite mana to equip Sword or Mantle onto Kelsien, the Plague to wipe the board

Thornbite Staff + Any deathtouch + Kelsien, the Plague = Wipe board

Hope you enjoy my decklist & have no mercy upon your foes! HOORAH!

DISCLAIMER My playgroup allows proxy dual lands, so if your group does not allow any proxies or you simply disagree with the idea, find replacements. Basic lands should be enough IMO.


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