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Lab Druid, Wielder of Mysteries! (Muldrotha EDH)

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Welcome to my Muldortha EDH Deck! I've had this deck since Muldrotha was spoiled when Dominaria was coming out. So much about this commander appealed to me. I knew I had to build her. This deck is a control deck that tries to win with Laboratory Maniac / Jace, Wielder of Mysteries and Hermit Druid ; however, there are other win cons present within the deck, ensuring you can win as quickly as possible. In the accordion panel below I have listed the combos/ win cons. I also have an accordion panel explaining how I play the deck, a panel containing a complicated combo, and a panel containing a list of cards I need to acquire (this panel is used to help me keep track of which cards I need to purchase).

I hope you enjoy this deck, and if you do please leave a +1! If you have any questions please leave a comment.

1 Grim Monolith , or Basalt Monolith plus Power Artifact generates infinite colorless mana.

2 Combo 1 with Exsanguinate or Walking Balista: kills the table.

3 Infinite mana from 1 and Thrasios, Triton Hero draws your deck.

4 Infinite mana from 1 plus Staff of Domination draws your deck.

5 Muldrotha, Lion's Eye Diamond , and Phantasmal Image Creates infinite mana and allows you to win the game. Check the appropriately named accordion block for the full details.

6 Hermit Druid + Laboratory Maniac / Jace, Wielder of Mysteries to dup your library into the grave. Flashback Deep Analysis , Evoke Mulldrifter , or plus one Jace to win.

7 Evoke Mulldrifter from your grave for consistent card advantage.

8 Evoke Shriekmaw from your grave for consistent removal.

9 Use Memory's Journey and Riftsweeper to ensure your key combo pieces don't get exiled.

10 Replaying Lotus Petal from the grave is great ramp.

Before I start to explain my thought process while I play this deck I just want to say this: A lot of time goes into mastering a deck, and I have spent a ton of time playing and tuning this deck. This deck went from an old beat up and rusty cog to a well-oiled machine. I'm very proud of this deck and what it has become. Thank you for taking the time to read about it.

When I play this deck I generally want to get Muldrotha out ASAP. This enables the deck's entire engine. This is why the deck runs as much ramp artifact ramp as it does. An early Entomb /Tutor or Intuition is great. Entomb ing or tutoring Hermit Druid early is great, and Intuition ing for Walking Balista:, Power Artifact , and Grim Monolith / Basalt Monolith is even better.

I try to keep counter magic mana open at all times, and I definitely try to save the zero mana counterspells, such as Force of Will and Pact of Negation , for huge threats like Blood Moon .

It's easy to get greedy and play Hermit Druid without him having haste. If you do this then you'll become priority number one. People WILL target you. Waiting until you can play Lightning Greaves or until you can flash in Hermit Druid is recommended in the late game.

It's easier to combo off with one of the infinite mana combos in one turn than it is to combo off with Hermit Druid Laboratory Maniac / Jace, Wielder of Mysteries . Building toward the Hermit Druid combo is great, but don't be afraid to go in for the win ASAP.

Using Snapcaster Mage or Mission Briefing to flashback a crucial tutor spell or counterspell is highly recommended. I have saved myself many times by doing this. Even flashing back a draw spell can be useful. You can always use Snapcaster Mage 's ability again once he enters the grave.

Using Necromancy is a great way to play two creatures from your grave a turn. Flashing in a creature like Snapcaster Mage with Necromancy has won me games.

As the previous accordion panel mentions: Shriekmaw and Mulldrifter are some of your best friends.

Megalomania Helped me understand this combo. They offered this explanation:

-You cast LED from the graveyard

-Tap it for blue to cast Phantasmal Image copying Muldothra. This allows you to send the original Muldothra to the graveyard.

-Re-cast LED, tap for black to cast Necromancy targeting the original Muldothra.

-With Muldothra now in play, you send Phantasmal Image back to the graveyard and re-start the loop. Each repetition leaves you with one blue mana, eventually allowing you to cast Labman and Deep Analysis , or Snapcaster Mage to flashback a draw spell for the win.

I hope this explanation helps!

This is by far not 100% paper. With the cost of fetchs, duals, and other misc. cards I'm very close to this deck complete. I do want to get rid of the gold-bordered cards at some point. Here are the cards my gold-bordered cards and the cards I'm currently proxying:

Gold Bordered Cards

Gaea's Cradle

Force of Will

Grim Monolith

Proxied Cards

Verdant Catacombs

Lion's Eye Diamond

And of course Tropical Island and

Underground Sea


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