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The idea was to take over the opponents creatures using Kari Zev's Expertise + Costly Plunder as the most basic combo - take over a creature, attack, then sacrifice it and profit.

Another #Combo# IS Kari Zev's Expertise then take over a creature preferably with more than 2 toughness, use Golden Guardian to fight the creature, then attack with the creature. From here on a few different things can happen depending on how you choose to play it out and what cards are in play, if you take control of a #creature# with #deathtouch# or enough power to kill Golden Guardian but at the same time will be killed by it, it's preferable to use Golden Guardian on one of your own creatures, ideally an Oathsworn Vampire but not before you attack with the controlled creature and/or your own if the situation is right.

If the controlled creature isn't dead after combat, you pay the 2 mana and make it fight the #Guardian#, if this kills both then fine, you got a decent trade. If either lives you can throw a Costly Plunder for free and either kill the controlled creature and pull 2 cards, or transform the #guardian# and pull.

updates will come as i test, feel free to correct me if i am wrong on the delayed use of the second cast of Kari Zev's Expertise.

!!!! . sorry i am still working on the deck and details on how to play the deck will be presented more thoroughly as i test it further. if you have interest or input, feel free to upvote: +1 and leave a comment.



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Finally got some work done on the deck and all tips are welcomed and appreciated. Feel free to give me some suggestions to playtest against! Dreams of fire and shadow

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