Jund Elves Tribal. Wanted to include Poison-Tip Archers as a way to help deal with fliers and figured if splashing black for that why not add some recursion and removal as well. I don't often play so any suggestions are more than welcome.


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This past Saturday was the Store Championship, or whatever they are being called now, at my LGS. Admittedly the crowd was a bit thinned for MagicFest out in Memphis, but we did have 13 players show up to try and claim the crown. With two previous top 5 finishes and more game play under my belt, I felt fairly confident going into the day. I ended up placing 3rd overall out of the 13. I went 3-2-1 but started off hot going 3-0 before losing my first match right before pairings for the top 4 were announced. My two losses were to the two players who competed for 1st and 2nd with the draw coming against the other top 4 player so we could split prize support.

I am loving how this deck competes each week even if I haven't finished 1st yet.

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