Just some work I've done to the Adaptive Enchantment precon. not sure what direction to take it in. I want something on the more casual side, that can stand up to a locals level of decks. so i may move away from Tax cards if I can make something that works.

The Maybe cards are ones that I have that could potentially go in here

Try to keep suggestions on the cheaper side of things if possible. I can maybe get a card or two worth more than $40, but I'd prefer suggestions be $20 or below.

One idea i've been working towards on this is keeping it light on creatures if possible, as well as enchantments, for the tax cards I have, as well as all the Rath cards I have, though Im not sure how viable it is like this.

Another possibility is attempting some token generation, possibly something to make Divine Visitation viable if I can get it, though Im not sure how well that would work.

I could also move away from Estrid's more defensive and resource driven playstyle, and focus on Tuvasa the Sunlit.


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