• Blight Mamba - the slowest Infect creature. Usually played when 2 extra mana can be left open for the regen, so without a Petal you need a protection spell prepared. With all the removal in pauper, the regen does come in handy, however it also binds up mana so don't always rely on the regen. 4 of because of no better options.

  • Glistener Elf - the star. This is the reason this deck has a T2 win con. Honestly wish there was another one drop Infect creatures. A Lott of times I still play this on T2 with a protection spell in hand if the winning combo is not in my opening hand. 4 of, Star of the deck.

  • Ichorclaw Myr - Whenever you can get a rancor on this she bitch do it. Myr + Rancor = Doom. Best 2 drop Infect creature imo. 4. Staple.

  • Rot Wolf - needed an extra couple Infect creatures. The card advantage this possibly nets you can make or break a game if forced into the mid-long game. Fills up your hand or forces opponent to take poison. 2 of b/c of mana restrictions.

Honorable Mention: Cystbearer - no abilities and still dies To Bolt. It has a "fatter ass" than Rot Wolf , so it's between the two for your meta/playstyle. I'll take the wolf myself.

  • Apostle's Blessing - not a pump, but protection. Will make a creature unlockable in the correct circumstances. Only a two of because of the negative synergy and awkwardness of playing around the protection when faced against a Green opponent or a mirror. If you play this spell first and stack pumps it's OK. Otherwise all pumps must resolve before you can play Blessing. If you pump first and protect (say from ) on the same stack, then the pumps fizzle.

  • Groundswell - pretty much the only +4/+4 for there is in pauper. Only a 3 of because this deck runs so low on lands. Otherwise if you have 3 lands out, hold one or the Land Grant for a finish. Another useful tech, hold extra lands in your hand if you don't need them, drop the lands to bluff a Groundswell and attack.

  • Llanowar Augur - yes, it's a creature, but other than blocking it's most likley getting sac'd the next turn for the Infect creatures. One of the 2 main sources of trample. Don't forget to put an upkeep stop on (or a die on your library) to remeber to sac before you draw. 4 of for trample.

  • Mutagenic Growth - "free" +2/+2. 3 of because it does not save creatures from Lightning Bolt, and makes sidebording Gut Shot easier.

  • Predator's Strike - doubles as a trample source and a pump. Play testing showed extreme failures without ample trample. This fills out possible trample cards to 10. The +3/+3 will save you from Bolt. Only a 2 of becuase of mana restrictions and this deck already has 4 ofs both Rancor and Llanowar Augur .

  • Rancor - the other trample. Reoccurring effect is undeniably necessary. 4 of. Staple.

  • Ranger's Guile - yes not as good as Blessing in some cases and better in others. Basically Guile will protect your creatures, give them a small pump for the extra 1, and does not interfere with other spells like Blessing does. So long as you are playing against or keep this MB. A 2 of split with Blessing.

  • Seal of Strength - No trample and they see it coming. However; it is an uncounterable +3/+3 if it resolves, save you fro! Bolt, and it gives you a turn 1 play. 2 of works well.

  • Vines of Vastwood - imo the best pump for Infect (period). It protects, which is much needed, and it pumps for +4/+4 when kicked. Also, there is a Vines fizzle trick. Vines does not give hexproof, therfore if your opponent casts a spell and you cast Vines on that same creature in response, your opponents spell will fizzle. (example: your opponent casts Artful Dodge on Kiln Fiend; in response you cast Vines of Vastwood onKiln Fiend. Dodge will fizzle if Vines resolves. 4 of. Staple.

  • Gitaxian Probe - "free" card draw is always good and the knowledge of removal spells in an opponent's hand is priceless. Also acts as an equalizer for Land Grant .

  • Land Grant - did not like this card at first, but after playing with it for a while there is no substitute. Land Grant takes the place of 4 Forest. This deck trades mana for speed. Land Grant finds that land when there is none and running an Infect Grant deck allows for a better draw on pump spells as your odds of pulling them are higher with fewer lands.

  • Slot 1 - Protection: Apostle's Blessing - when not matched up against swap this for a Ranger's Guile or a Predator's Strike . Alternatives: Ranger's Guile or Predator's Strike or any other spell meta/playstyle depending. 1-2 meta depending.

  • Slot 2 - Extra Creatures: Corpse Cur - MBC and Burn are trouble. You will need more creatures for these matchups. This will help against Chainer's Edict and Lightning Bolt. Alternative: Cystbearer or Vault Skirge 1-3 depending on how you sideboard the last slot for flyers.

  • Slot 3 - Mirror: Fog - you are running in pauper, this card is O.P. against any aggro deck, Goblins, Izzet Blitz, WW, and mirror matches. Do not use this against Burn decks. This one is a must have 3-4 sideboard staple. No Alternative.

  • Slot 4 - Creature Removal: Gut Shot - "free" way to rid the board of any blockers/flyers. If using this spell, side out Mutagenic Growth or you risk killing yourself with all the life you wld lose to cast the spells. Alternative: Hornet Sting or Sandstorm . 2-3.

  • Slot 5 - Art/Enchant Removal: Nature's Claim - instant speed removal for Afinity, Tron, and anything that comes up as a surprise. Must have 3-4 of. Alternative: Gleeful Sabotage .

  • Slot 6 - Anti-Flying Spider Umbra - totem armor comes in handy for obvious reasons, plus with no real defence against flying the reach is invaluable. This also helps against burn decks. Alternatives: Scattershot Archer, Vault Skirge or Aerial Volley



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