When it comes to chaos i like to raise the bar. Im the sort of player that wants to push not only the game but the players to the braking point. This deck has won some pretty chaotic games simply because of how confusing and overwhelming the combo's can get. Im less concerned with winning as i am about making the other players strategy's fly out the window. Wave good by to your convoluted infinite combo's folks because this games now an test of your patience and funny bone !

The most basic combo is Niv-Mizzet, the firemind + Curiosity/Ophidian eye. It'll let you draw your whole deck out and deal damage equal to the number of cards you want to draw. Easily the best way to knock a player out but in a multi player game we have to step it up and look into the support of a Psychic Spiral in order to prevent a self mill. This combo's well by potentially knocking a second player out due to the mill. If you have Omniscience out your given the full wrath of your deck and can repeat the combo as many times as you like by dropping Beacon of tomorrow, taking an extra turn and starting over.

Another great combo is Hive Mind + Curse of Echoes(curse someone with lots of counters, burns or kill spells). It might not seem like a "good idea" to give everyone a copy of every instant/sorcery everyone plays and 2 of every instant/sorcery cast by one player but it really can be. It makes everyone reconsider their spells and whom ever you curse now has to choose between becoming public enemy #1 by giving out tons of free spells or sitting back and letting things they normally wouldn't pass unchecked. Counter spells becomes worthless and most spells like lightening bolt become a point of terror because by casting one you make yourself a target.

You can also take this a step further with Eye of the Storm. Player#1 casts a Lightening bolt, everyone get a copyPlayer#2 casts a draw spell, everyone gets a copy and then a copy of lightening bolt but only they control the extra 3dmg.

Best part is your able to flood the field with LOT of tokens vie Eye of the storm + Goblin rally/Flurry of Horns/Hordeling Outburst/Dragon Fodder/Krenko's command/Ojutas' Summons/Talrands Invocation + Talrand Sky Summoner/Young Pyromancer for each spells first casting before its imprinted into Eye of the Storm.

If your just wanting to prevent players from setting up using Knowledge Pool + Possibility Storm + Grip of Chaos. This is the single most confusing and by far most powerful combo you can get if your just wanting to screw with peoples heads.As you go to cast a spell it has to pass through Knowledge Pool/Possibility Storm then through the other. If you cast say a creature and you want to let it pass through Possibility Storm first your not going to be able to control what comes back out and that new creature will then go into the Knowledge Pool allowing you to control the spell that then comes out of it. Vis versa if your spells passes through the Knowledge Pool first the spell your picking, yours or not, will then have to pass through Possibility Storm preventing anyone from knowing whats about to hit the field. By adding in Grip of Chaos any sort of Targeting effect becomes randomized and leaves everyone open for any sort of burn spells that might come into effect. These spell also counts as being cast so instants/sorcery's will imprint into Eye of the Storm upon resolving or can trigger into Hive Mind/Curse of Echo's. You can also take this a step further with Teferi's puzzle box. If your going to go this route with the deck i recommend keeping Jhoira of the Ghitu as the commander due to her cheap casting cost, ability to get your expansive enchantment's like Omniscience ( a ten drop) out but faster and cheap BUt most importantly they circumvent the effects of Knowledge Pool/Possibility/Hive Mind/Eye of the Storm. You can cast spells and avoid the chaos you've inflicted upon everyone else.



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