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RUG Tron Pauper



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Delver -2 Ancient Stirrings +1 Electrostatic Bolt +1 Electrickery

MBC No board, this should be a good match up out of the main.

Familars -2 Fangren Marauder -1 Ancient Stirrings +3 Chainer's Edict

Kuldotha Jeskai -2 Ancient Stirrings +2 COP Red

Delver Fiend -2 Ancient Stirrings +2 COP Red

RUG Tron -2 Ancient Stirrings +2 Ancient Grudge

Stompy -4 Ancient Stirrings -1 Fangren Marauder -1 Ulamog's Crusher +3 Chainer's Edict +2 COP Green

Hexproof -2 Ancient Stirrings -2 Fangren Marauder -2 Flame Slash +3 Chainer's Edict, +2 COP Green, +1 Ray of Revelation

Teachings No Sideboard, You just have to try and power through the control with your big mana.

Delver Angler -3 Ancient Stirrings +3 Chainer's Edicts


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This deck is Pauper legal.

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