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[Arena] Bolas Control [FTWinchester]

Standard* Control UBR (Grixis)


This is my current MTG Arena Grixis Deck.

The Curve: The idea is to plan out when we play our tapped lands. On turns 1 & 3 we will ideally play our tapped lands and on turns 2 & 4 will play our untapped lands while having a spell with it.

Some of my Card Choices:

The Card Draw Package:

  • (3)Chemister's Insight over Notion Rain: Its the instant speed. You can hold up a Counter, Vraska's, or Insight. Plus Jump-Start is crazy good at instant speed. Burn is a big part of the meta on Arena and the 2 damage Notion Rain does has cost me the game 60% of the time I've cast it.
  • (2)Search for Azcanta   This card is great. You dont want more than 2 though
  • (1)Arch of Orazca This is for the long grindy games where you want another flipped Search for Azcanta  

The Counter Package:

This will constantly change based on the meta but after playing +60 games I've leaned more towards this configuration. I could see one of these being a [Syncopate] but I've not been a fan. Maybe if a lot of Rekindling Phoenixs pop up. Jump-Start is tricky to play against though. It's better to counter the Jump-Started version of the card.

The Removal Package:


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