When gained life, this happens.

Oloro = Gain two life at every upkeep. Agent of masks = Gain 1 life and deal 1 damage at every upkeep. Archangel of Thune = Whenever you gain life, +1/+1 counters on creatures. Bloodthirsty Aerialist Gains +1/+1 every time life is gained.

And so on. This is basically a make your creatures stronger the more life you gain. Also, a little Felidar to win the game if you get above 40 hp.

This deck is meant to make you stronger and siphon your opponents HP and make your own cards stronger. I personally haven't tested this out yet, but it is still a WIP. When finished I'll be testing it out ASAP.


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I got rid of a duplicate I overlooked in here and added Avacyn.


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