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You will like this deck if:

  • You love mono-green

  • You enjoy playing combo decks with many lines of play

  • You like Yisan decks

I've always loved the card, my first EDH deck was a strip mine/crucible lock deck and the ability to play multiple lands a turn has always appealed to me.

You don't actually need to use Azusa as the general, any legendary will do but it's better with Azusa. The main line is quite mana intensive till Karametra's Acolyte goes online so I find that having extra lands helps.

Regardless of how you intend on winning, opening hands are pretty much done the same way. You want one tutor or a source of card draw like Nissa, Vastwood Seer  Flip/Tireless Tracker, or something that lets you play off the topdeck like Oracle of Mul Daya, and enough lands in your hand to cast it naturally. The first three turns will be boring but the deck becomes quite explosive afterwards.
You main engine is Temur Sabertooth bouncing etb creatures, an untapper, and a mana dork to play out your deck.

If Temur Sabertooth gets removed somewhere you can't get it back from switch from the graveyard combo to combat.

Elvish Visionary functions as infinite draw, and mana if you bounce her with Wirewood Symbiote

Fierce Empath tutors out your larger creatures to your hand

Eternal Witness/Greenwarden of Murasa Lets you reuse any card from your graveyard. The most important ones are tutors. It's always fun to Primal Command lock someone while you fetch your best creatures or use Beast Within to destroy everything

Reclamation Sage, destroy stuff

Regal Force is mass card draw

Woodland Bellower tutors out your smaller guys

Because this deck relies on creatures to generate mana you will need to untap them once you run low

Mana Dorks

Karametra's Acolyte - Your main mana dork, you will need varying amounts of devotion to go infinite

Selvala, Heart of the Wilds - Backup mana dork, only works after a few Great Oak Guardian bounces or a Craterhoof Behemoth entry because of the requirements for her mana ability. Add one to the requirements below for Selvala.


Wirewood Symbiote - As mentioned above, return an elf to your hand to untap a creature then bounce it back into your hand with Temur Sabertooth to reuse the ability. If you are using Quirion ranger you will need to be able to generate five or more mana to go infinite. If you are using Elvish Visionary you will beed to be able to generate six or more to go infinite.

Quirion Ranger - Return a forest to your hand to untap. Because land drops are finite I don't really like bouncing this one.

Scryb Ranger - Also return a forest to your hand to untap, for the same reason as Quirion ranger, I don't really like bouncing this one.

Thousand-Year Elixir, not fetchable but it's nice for it's one untap. Mostly used because it lets my dorks go online the turn I play them.

Great Oak Guardian - Your best untapper, untaps all your creatures and gives them +2/+2. You will need to produce nine or more mana to go infinite with this

Bouncing Oblivion Sower to mill everyone out

Shaman of Forgotten Ways kills creatureless decks

Emrakul, the Promised End with an optional Ugin's Nexus, you win because you're the only one playing.

Avenger of Zendikar coupled with your million extra land drops or Great Oak Guardian/Craterhoof Behemoth effect for combat damage

Craterhoof Behemoth in general

If you're feeling spicy Nylea, God of the Hunt can be used to pump your general for commander damage

Loaming Shaman and Praetor's Counsel stops mill

As mentioned above, the Eternal Witness/Primal Command lock sending all their lands to the top of the deck

Vesuva and Song of the Dryads lets you copy a creature and it removes a problematic one from an opponent.

Having a Yeva, Nature's Herald or a Vedalken Orrery on the field and flashing in a Seedborn Muse lets you take extra turns on everyone else's turn.

Thanks for reading!





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