Make an extremely cheap combo deck that wins semi-consistently. All cards in this deck are under $1 yet it can probably beat more casual decks quite easily! In play testing I could win around turn 7 or 8. The absolute fastest it can win is turn 4 if you draw perfectly and the opponent has no interaction.


The combo has 3 pieces: Obelisk Spider , Leech Bonder and Song of Freyalise or Karametra's Favor . Song of Freyalise allows Leech Bonder to tap for the blue mana needed to activate it untap ability, granting you the ability to infinitely move counters around. I choose the payoff to this to be Obelisk Spider who will infinitely drain your opponents so long as you keep shifting Leech Bonder 's -1/-1 counters around without killing anything.


On most of your turns, you're going to want to hold 2 mana open. This allows you to play counterspells like Mana Leak and Dimir Charm as well as protection like Plaxmanta . Keeping this mana open is easy with stuff like Vessel of Nascency which comes down early and lets you crack it at instant speed to look at the top 4 for any important cards. Sinister Concoction is a similar idea except with creature removal. Den Protector costs 3 to morph so its not the greatest, but it plays into the graveyard theme you might be seeing emerge here.

Using Unearth to get our two combo creatures out of the graveyard is much better than playing them normally because it lets us hold up protection. This means we want to be discarding combo pieces if we have Unearth or a way to get Unearth .

This is where Disciple of Deceit comes in. She is very versatile in this deck which makes up for how she takes a turn to get going and is vulnerable to removal (good thing we're packing protection for that anyway for our combo pieces). Because both our combo creatures are 3 mana, you'll often want to discard one of them to get the other one. This puts one in the graveyard for Unearth , which you can get by discarding any 1 cost card with Disciple of Deceit . There are also plenty of 2 cost cards to fetch Song of Freyalise or Karametra's Favor . One reason I favor Karametra's Favor slightly over Song of Freyalise is its ability to come down earlier, draw a card and help Disciple of Deceit untap without attacking into danger.

Speaking of Karametra's Favor and Song of Freyalise , always play Leech Bonder first and let his summoning sickness go away before playing either of those cards. In some cases, you'll also want to wait to play Obelisk Spider as well so long as you have enough mana for all that and a counterspell. In dire situations, Leech Bonder can also use 1 counter for removal.

Plaxmanta unfortunately prevents you from combing off because it gives shroud not hexproof. I included it in this deck because 1. its a creature and so it can be fetched with Vessel of Nascency and 2. because I just like the card okay? Super underrated in my option.

Gotta Go Fast

There are a few ways to achieve a turn 4 win with this deck:

Turn 1: Sinister Concoction or Vessel of Nascency

Turn 2: Pop the enchantment you played and put Obelisk Spider into the graveyard. (Popping Vessel of Nascency now can fetch Leech Bonder or Karametra's Favor )

Turn 3: Play Leech Bonder . Gotta play it now so its summoning sickness wears off.

Turn 4: Unearth Obelisk Spider and play Karametra's Favor or Song of Freyalise .


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