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+++ updated decklist +++

The decklist has been updated as follows:

-1x Swamp-2x Sulfur Vent

+2x Terramorphic Expanse+1x Mountain

There are changes in the Sideboard, too.

+++ end update +++

Mulligan Instructions

I keep hands that contain Ulamog's Crusher and Exhume and mana even if they lack a discard outlet. If you dont't have Exhume and/or Ulamog's Crusher keep hands with discard outlets or massive card draw effects.Sometimes you end up with hands that contain only utility (Dragon Fangs/Dragon Breath) and mana. Mulligan those. Sometimes you can keep hands without a land (If you have Lotus Petal and Faithless Looting fpr example). It depends, but zero-land hands can lead to a turn one Gurmag Angler.

Play Instructions

The critical turn is turn two. This deck is designed to give you four mana on turn two.

The ideal turn one is to play a tapped land (preferrably Sandstone Needle) and nothing else.

On turn two play your free spells like Gitaxian Probe and Manamorphose. Manamorphose most of the time gets you black and red mana. When all carddraw is gone play your loot spells and try to get Ulamog's Crusher and Dragon Breath into the graveyard. Reanimate Ulamog's Crusher with Exhume. Dragon Breath will trigger and enchant the Ulamog's Crusher to give it haste. The Annihilator effect should win you the game.

If things don't work out like planned:Gitaxian Probe often reveals your opponent's Out to deal with your Ulamog's Crusher. Or you cannot find an Exhume or you can't get Ulamog's Crusher in the graveyard and so on...Here are some tips:

You can play Gurmag Angler very fast. Geothermal Crevice (sac. land) produces three mana for the Gurmag Angler and Lotus Petal produces two Angler mana - because you can delve them. Gurmag Angler is good bait for Crusher Removal.

You can discard your Stinkweed Imp to Tormenting Voice and dredge the discarded Stinkweed Imp back to your hand when Tormenting Voice resolves. This is a great line to fill your graveyard when you either have Exhume in hand and you need a target in the graveyard quickly or if you are trying to cast a Gurmag Angler.

You can cast Manamorphose from the mana that is produced when you sacrifice Geothermal Crevice (it adds BG mana).

Remember: You can cast Dragon Breath and Dragon Fangs from your hand. The green mana for Dragon Fangs can be produced by Lotus Petal or by sacrificing Geothermal Crevice or by Manamorphose.

Remember: You can pump a creatures power by spending red mana on Dragon Breath's ability.

Remember: You can cast Simian Spirit Guide and Stinkweed Imp as Edict Protection.

Remember: Abandon the Exhume plan if you can get multiple Gurmag Anglers into play. You can also hardcast Ulamog's Crusher fairly often because of the sac lands and the free mana from Simian Spirit Guide and Lotus Petal.

Sideboarding Instructions

Tron: Show

White Aggro, White Wheenie, White Tokens, Soul Sisters: Show

Elves: Show

Stompy, The Green One: Show

Delver Fiend: Show

Infect, Glass Cannon Red: Show

Tortured Toolbox: Show

Hexproof: Show

Delver, Mono Blue Control, Illusionary Tricks: Show

Familiars: Show

MBC: Show

Dimir Control: Show

Turbofog: Show

Slivers: Show

Burn, Red Deck Wins: Show

Boros Kitty, Azorious Kitty, Jeskai Kitty: Show

Goblins: Show

Affinity Show


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