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Making the Leap: Delving Into Modern on a Budget

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I feel no fear, this is a momentous night.

Are you ready to dive into one of Magic's most diverse and balanced formats? Modern is my favorite of them all; it's where dreams come true. Where else can you kill with Primeval Titan on turn 2, or reset the game completely with Karn Liberated? (Okay, I get it Legacy fans, you can do it there as well, but I can't afford that much cardboard.) However, not everyone gets to experience this fantastic format, and the excuse I hear most often is "modern is just too expensive." And for some decks, that is correct: Jund's price tag requires a second mortgage on your home, and decks like Tron and Affinity require you to buy cards that have very limited application elsewhere. But what if I showed you a magical world, a place where you could start playing modern for cheap and build your way up to the top tier decks, acquiring useful format staples while at the same time bringing home wins? What if I told you that you can Vapor Snag those pesky Wurmcoil Engine's and Spell Snare that Tarmogoyf before you have to go counting the card types in the graveyards? Well, guess what? That's exactly what I'm saying. Welcome to my world: a cheaper world, a modern world, a better world. Welcome to Delver.

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Under construction.

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