Please upvote if you like it!This is my Orzhov gain/drain deck. This is not the typical drain/gain deck. I wanted to add a different flavor so it's a very passive-aggressive deck with a little splash of control. It's based around not actually having to attack. Just sit back and let your creatures gain and drain. Which, yes, does not make it super competitive but very very fun to play.

-SoulWarden is a cornerstone in this deck. She gains the life from creatures entering the battlefield and they trigger separately so it will trigger Cliffhaven Vampire and Karlov of the Ghost Council each time.

-Authority of the Consuls is control and life gain. Same goes for this as Soul Warden with added effect of opponents creatures coming in tapped.

-Cliffhaven Vampire and Drana's Emissary is to drain while I gain.

-Kambal, Consul of Allocation is control as well as a gain and drain. It keeps my opponents second guessing if a spell is worth the life loss. Which has actually saved me quite a few times ;)

-Karlov of the Ghost Council gains a ridiculous amount of counters quickly, in this deck. If Soul Warden is out on turn 1and this guy turn 2, by turn 3 or 4 you can have an 8/8! On top of that he has creature removal. Combine that with his low CMC, he's a top notch choice fur this deck.

- Kaya, Ghost Assassin is great in this deck. She can fade herself or other creatures out. Gives me draw and life gain and drain. Best of all if you fade her out, her loyalty counters reset!

-Sanguine Bond is for when I gain I can drain.

-Thrull Parasite is for its extortion. So I can at least ping here and there for one life.

-Batwing Brume for protection as well as to punish those for attacking.

-Mortify for those pesky creatures and enchantments.

-Nyx-Fleece Ram is defense as well as gaining 1 life each upkeep which in turn triggers my life gain abilities.

- Blighted Steppe is for late game when I have my drain and gain cards out. It can do quite a bit of life loss.

If you like this deck please upvote! If you have any suggestions to improve this or questions please feel free to comment. Thanks for taking a look!


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