I alone determine my own fate.

Hello there, come and learn what true power offers.... You and I we are one in the same, you can even say we're the same person.

We are mages, we yearn for power. Everything that happens isn't destined instead it's determined by my actions and mine alone. Your spells do nothing to me, your creatures do nothing to me, everything you do bounces off of me. Power and wisdom means everything.

With we utilize diseases and destruction to kill off their armies.
With I gain more resources to fund my plans and spells.
With we don't allow them to continuing casting any of their spells.


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So total overhaul on the deck, pretty much cut most creatures from the deck and made the deck way more control with more kill spells and control spells!

Any cards you guys think of would be highly appreciated! (NO IM NOT TAKING OUT OMNISCIENCE, NULL PROFUSION/RECYCLE!)


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