Hello all and welcome back to The Mad Shaman's Brewery.

Now this isn't the first time I've tried Allies in pauper. It IS, however, far superior in terms of how it plays.


Nowadays it's less janky value and more pure aggro. This is better for numerous reasons, the least of which includes consistency and speed.

A big part of what killed the old deck is that so many slots had to be dedicated to fixing, even the land base was screwy trying to support 5c.

So I cut two of the colors. Although they did provide quite a bit of helpful utility, it's unlikely they'll be necessary given the direction this deck is going.

Then I got to work on, and am still in the process of, ironing out the kinks holding the deck back from being the powerhouse I know it can be. I wish I had access to a third grower, but there isn't much I can do about that without adding blue.

Other than that, I'm just in the steady process of testing and tuning to its limits.


It's all about growth. Allies trigger other allies which raises the power of your allies which allows you to do more damage as you play more allies.

Simple right?

You're usually happy with 4 lands. Any more than 5 in a game is a flood.

Typically, you want to start with a Grower, those being Oran-Rief Survivalist and Bojuka Brigand , or even Akoum Battlesinger in a pinch (Though she's much more of an enhancer than a grower).

This means on t1, you're usually setting up fixing for the rest of the game. This is done through Arcum's Astrolabe or Evolving Wilds .

After that you just play allies in such a way to maximize whichever triggers matter most in the matchup.

Matchup Experience

The following stats are based entirely on match results excluding those won or lost by manascrew or flood.

They are sorted in intervals of 20% after a minimum of 50 games each.

Awesome Matchups (80+)

  • Green Stompy

Good Matchups (60-80)

  • Elves
  • Black Devotion
  • Tron

Decent Matchups (40-60)

  • WURG
  • Mono-Red
  • Izzet Skred
  • Burn

Bad Matchups (20-40)

  • Jeskai Snow
  • Affinity

Horrible Matchups (0-20)

  • Heroic

Uncertain (Not Enough Matches)

  • Bogles
  • Mardu Snow

Currently Testing

The following variant, which I'm calling The Healerless Variant, involves cutting Kalastria Healer in favor of a couple of utility cards that may lead to better results.


-2x Kalastria Healer

+2x Hunger of the Howlpack or +2x Unearth


No Changes

Latest Variant Results

The Versatility Variant was somewhat successful. The sideboard changes worked out very well, but the addition of Foul-Tongue Shriek caused consistency issue I'm unwilling to allow.


I just want to thank yall for showing up to the page. I'm enjoying making this deck into a powerhouse build that just might get me some 5-0's on MTGO.

Please do leave a comment with thoughts and suggestions. I'm on daily so I can assure you I'll see it.


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