I decided I wanted a spellslinger deck for a change of pace from my others, and I've always loved copying spells and effects because of how insane it can get. This deck is all about getting Riku out, and then storming off. The best way is to get Turnabout or Early Harvest and Narset's Reversal to make infinite mana and infinite storm count. You cast the untap spell, then cast the Reversal targeting it. Copy the Reversal with Riku, and have the copy target the original which goes to your hand, and have the new copy target Turnabout (or Harvest) so it goes to your hand again too. Assuming you have enough basics, you've gone infinite. If you have a storm wincon out like Ral, Storm Conduit , Guttersnipe , etc. or a big mana wincon like the always-classic Fireball , then you just won the game if they dont have an answer. There are some much better combos I could have included in here, but I didn't want it to be too fast or reliable. My playgroup is very casual, and this is probably pushing it power level-wise as it is.


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