Yo dawg, I heard you liked Modern/Legacy Death and Taxes. So I built Standard Death and Taxes so you can play Death and Taxes when you can't play Death and Taxes.

Unsurprisingly, anything involving Wasteland Strangler and Eldrazi Displacer is good. Seriously. If you have never seen this machine start cranking away, you're missing out.

So how do? Displacer and Strangler is basically the dream team. But even the dreamiest teams need some set up. So lets set up. We're coming in hot for a slam dunk on exiled stuff, so hold on tight.

I heard your opponent liked playing creatures, so I decided to pack the deck with Declaration in Stone and some Anguished Unmaking. Sorin won't be the only one feeling heartbroken after these wipe up the board. But maybe your opponent is trying to hide the goodies in their hand. Better Transgress the Mind to get in on the fun. But the fun never really starts until Fairgrounds Warden picks up a creature and Wasteland Strangler eats it. Start blinking those two with Displacer and the fun machine is online. Thought-Knot Seer is uniquely qualified to eat your opponents hand alive. They get cards, but you take the good ones out. Win win for you.

Yo dawg, I heard decks with few creatures are pretty good against creature-based removal and such. You'd be right. So we're going to stuff as much hand-disruption and wider removal as we can pack into this doom train in the SB. Collective Brutality always feels good, since it is such a versatile card. Anguished Unmaking for more 'Go away planeswalker or problem permanent. Liliana's Defeat is some sweet black hate. Blessed Alliance kills Bristling Hydra. Gideon, Ally of Zendikar is hard to deal with. All in all, some good stuff in there.



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