Commander / EDH* TacoBoy


List Update —June 23, 2019

Card Swaps:

Brighthearth Banneret -> Gauntlet of Power: Felt that the discount on Elementals wasn't worth it in the long run. The Reinforce is situational and +1/+1 on just one creature isn't enough. Gauntlet will just boost overall mana production and give global +1/+1 to my creatures.

Tunnel Igneus -> Darksteel Plate: The punishment for ramp was a novel idea but wouldn't be all that useful in most situations, in hindsight. I'd have to draw him early to make the most of him. If I get it mid to late game, I doubt he'll be doing much burn. Protection of Valduk, however, is far more important. So I swapped in Darksteel Plate which should have been in the list to begin with.

Tyrant of Discord -> Cavalier of Flame: Tyrant is fun and goofy, but doesn't do much else. It's a big body, which is cool, but lacks trample or even haste. Plus he's mana intensive. Cavalier just does more overall for the theme of the deck by providing 'Firebreathing' to everything, plus can also help cycle out my hand when I cast him if I need to dig for stuff. He isn't much weaker than Tyrant either and his decreased stats for 2 less mana but more impactful effects is a worthwhile trade. His 'leaves the battlefield' ability likely wont be much use (Unless I've managed to pitch lands through him or other means) but could be helpful in rare instances. Just a bit better value and more thematic to the aggressive nature of the deck. His 'firebreathing' can also combo a bit with Pandamonium by bulking up the elementals more for bigger damage with the damage effect of Pandamonium on the stack.

McToters says... #1

I love this deck! +1 As far as mana acceleration goes mana rocks may be your best bet, but there’s also Mana Flare which I personally live playing in multiplayer. Also, Caged Sun is a solid choice as well. Mana Geyser + Reiterate can give you infinite mana if your opponent has the right number of lands tapped. Treasure Nabber doesn’t fit your theme at all but it can help if your opponents run a lot of rocks.

Again, +1 super sweet deck!

June 20, 2019 3:59 p.m.

TacoBoy says... #2

McToters I was trying to figure a way to wiggle mana ramp in without compromising the Aura/Equip count, though I'm sure I could lose a few of them to sneak in either a few rocks or Mana Flare or Gauntlet (Prefer gauntlet over Caged since it costs 1 less, even if it does apply to all players as opposed to only myself...but I don't often run into other Red commander players). Treasure Nabber might be a fun add even if it breaks the theme a teeny bit.

Appreciate the compliments! It was a challenge narrowing the deck down as I was at almost 180 cards prior to this first draft. Figuring which Auras/Creatures to axe was tough.

June 21, 2019 3:33 p.m.

McToters says... #3

Glad the suggestions may help! Yea I can see how going from 180 to 99 would be really difficult. I run into the problem of wanting more cards in some decks as well cause they all fit into the theme or synergy. But we can’t have them all!

I think you made a lot of really great choices that fit Starke, especially since his ability isn’t super powerful. But it seems there are plenty of cards out there that fit right in!

June 22, 2019 9:35 a.m.

TacoBoy says... #4

McToters Yeah, Valduk is basically Kemba but for red as opposed to white and doesn't keep the things he summons like she does without a little planning (Sundial) or making the best use of them before they poof (Pandemonium/Breath of Fury). He'll be hard to run proper if people focus hard on popping him off as soon as he hits the table, though as is the way with any red deck I play, it's all about prep and timing.

June 22, 2019 3:05 p.m.