Once I saw him, I knew I had to try to make something out of him. Not entirely sure how 'competitive' this will be though it sure will be fun! His ability speaks to the general strategy: Bulk him with Aura and Equipment to pump out 3/1 Haste/Trample elementals and swing them around, while also summoning other pesky elemental creatures to boot.

Managed to come up with a few combos also such as Breath of Fury to effectively generate infinite combats, Conqueror's Flail to lock out responses, and even Pandemonium to just outright burn people out. Repercussion to deal more damage to anything that gets blocked (Even if I eat a little in return).

It may be 'slow' though due to no real mana acceleration. Might have to revisit the list soon to decide what mana rocks to throw in to give it just a teeny bit more speed to nudge it along. Though, really, by turn 3 or 4 with Valduk alone, things will be getting a little spicy.

Edit: Contemplating what to remove to add a little mana ramp in the deck just for extra security but on the other hand I sort of want to just try it as it is. Might try to squeeze a few more lands in though to ensure there isn't a mana shortage all around. Also added a few Maybe cards. -Planar Portal: Slow but possibly a last ditch option to tutor things? Might not be worth 12 mana investment even in most games. Especially in Red who can't ramp into it quick. -Caged Sun: Later game but mana bolstering and powering up the elementals even more is nothing to shy away from. -Price of Glory: A really rude way to shut out control during my own turn if I don't have Conqueror's Flail active. -Mana Flare: Though it helps all, it's a cheap ramp to power my way into the game...maybe. And if I cast it during when I know I have possibly game winning or at least game changing hands but need that oomph to lay it all out, maybe. -Kill Switch: To help lock down mana rocks or other nuisance artifacts. -Infinity Gauntlet (Gauntlet of Power): If I want to spent more $, a more effective Caged Sun due to lesser casting cost...


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Card Swaps:

Brighthearth Banneret -> Gauntlet of Power: Felt that the discount on Elementals wasn't worth it in the long run. The Reinforce is situational and +1/+1 on just one creature isn't enough. Gauntlet will just boost overall mana production and give global +1/+1 to my creatures.

Tunnel Igneus -> Darksteel Plate: The punishment for ramp was a novel idea but wouldn't be all that useful in most situations, in hindsight. I'd have to draw him early to make the most of him. If I get it mid to late game, I doubt he'll be doing much burn. Protection of Valduk, however, is far more important. So I swapped in Darksteel Plate which should have been in the list to begin with.

Tyrant of Discord -> Cavalier of Flame: Tyrant is fun and goofy, but doesn't do much else. It's a big body, which is cool, but lacks trample or even haste. Plus he's mana intensive. Cavalier just does more overall for the theme of the deck by providing 'Firebreathing' to everything, plus can also help cycle out my hand when I cast him if I need to dig for stuff. He isn't much weaker than Tyrant either and his decreased stats for 2 less mana but more impactful effects is a worthwhile trade. His 'leaves the battlefield' ability likely wont be much use (Unless I've managed to pitch lands through him or other means) but could be helpful in rare instances. Just a bit better value and more thematic to the aggressive nature of the deck. His 'firebreathing' can also combo a bit with Pandamonium by bulking up the elementals more for bigger damage with the damage effect of Pandamonium on the stack.


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