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Off With Their Head! (Queen Marchesa Politics)

Commander / EDH Aikido Control Humans Multiplayer Pillow Fort RBW (Mardu)




"Those who seize power must have the means to hold it"

-Queen Marchesa

The main goal of this deck is to sit back and help your opponents kill each other, and if they don't comply...
Off with their head!
As soon as you play the queen a target will appear on your head as people turn their greedy eyes to your crown. These card should help you keep them at bay.
The queens word is law, and when that law is broken that person must be removed.
The main way this deck deals with creatures is pinging them with deathtouch.
To make sure your enemy's don't team up and take down all you have worked for, tempt them with shinny gifts or favors to gain their trust and pit them against each other.
Once all but one of your opponents have been eliminated it is time for you to smite down your final foe and claim your rightful victory.
This deck is still new and could use some improvements, suggestions are very welcome and appreciated.


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This deck is Commander / EDH legal.

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