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Yet another new standard deck idea, will be updating this over time. I intend for this to be largely just a casual fnm deck that I will at times use. The main win condition is ideally Approach of the Second Sun, and I have fabricate related cards alongside Inspring Statatuary to cast it for less, and then furthermor I have Baral, Chief of Compliance to help out. Besides that, another thing this deck can attempt to do is Unsubstantiate your first copy of Approach of the Second Sun to put it back into your hand.

I'm considering adding a cycling subtheme to the deck to make use of Drake Haven to stall with more blockers, and overall gain more life by adding Renewed Faith . All of this cheap card draw alongside existing Anticipate, would help with getting closer to one of your Approach of the Second Suns whether that be your first one you need to draw or a second. This opens up the possibility of also splashing for black for more cycling cards, most of which would be in the sideboard likely. We also would get another fabricate creature in the form of Weaponcraft Enthusiast and if I was to include more ways to get tokens I might even add a Westvale Abbey   in the deck as an alternate win condition. Currently though I'm having a bit of trouble keeping this at 60 cards, as there is so much I want to include. For now I'm sticking with just the fabricate cards I believe to make things simpler, but I will make an exception with a slight cycling theme in the sideboard.

This as I already stated I intend to keep rather a casual deck, and I don't want to spend much on it. If at all possible I would like to use mainly existing cards that I own for the most part. Besides the Amonkhet cards of course I happen to own everything visible in the maybeboard. I also own nearly everything that can be seen in the main deck of course minus for Amonkhet and whats left I wouldn't mind acquiring. There's cards that would be good for this I think, I would like to include the likes of Gideon of the Trials to this to stall the game out. Although, unless I open one or more at the three prereleases and the following draft that I'm attending on launch week i'm not going to go out of my way to acquire any of the card for this deck as this is not even my main standard deck.

Anyways all feedback is welcomed, and don't forget to leave an upvote!


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