I built this deck because I was ready for something fun and completely unique. The basic plan is to give Tromo +3 power, double his damage, and tap one creature for a one-shot kill. Since Tromo has hexproof outside of combat, we are safe to equip him until we go in for the hit with countermagic or Swiftfoot Boots. As we assemble this concoction, we just manage the board in typical blue fashion by leaving islands up on opponent’s turns. Early game, we ramp up and setup our game. Mid-game, we control the board while drawing and tutoring. Late game, we take opponents out one by one while maintaining control.

Note: I recently chose to remove Grafted Exoskeleton because of the amount of feel-bad games it caused.

Favorite card: My favorite card to draw is Muddle the Mixture. It's so versatile in that it finds anything at any point in the game. Most of the time it's getting Pull from Tomorrow for massive draw. Then it gets 1 of the 3 pieces of the puzzle. It can also go get Cyclonic in a pinch, or simply be the hard counter that it is!

Let me know what you think!

Estimated deck level: 7.5/10


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