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Naya Mentor

Welcome to my Naya Mentor deck. As you can probably tell from the title, this is a modern deck focused around making value off of Monastery Mentor and his little brother Young Pyromancer. The deck tries to ramp out a token producer, the play efficient spells to control the board while improving your presence with tokens. I've only seen one deck like it, and built it because is my favourite colour scheme.

Why Should You Play Naya Mentor?

To start off it's a green deck that doesn't really need Tarmogoyf to function. Voice of Resurgence carries enough itself, and the tokens off it can be extremely powerful. It's also a fair deck. There is no comboing opponents, you beat them by playing some good old fair magic. Lastly we're in white, so we have access to some of the best sideboard cards in the format, making post board games for most match-ups look pretty good for us.

Why Shouldn't you Play Naya Mentor?

The deck isn't battle tested yet, and is a pretty large investment if you don't already own the cards for it. Also, modern is a fast format, and currently unfair decks are prominent in the meta. This deck does not do very well game one, meaning you have to likely win games 2 and 3 to win those match-ups. Lastly Anger of the Gods is showing up more and more, and it is a very strong card against this deck, which makes 3 Dromoka's Commands almost necessary in the deck.

Card Choices

Noble Hierarch - The best mana dork ever printed. Despite the fact that we create so many tokens, exalted triggers are very relevant and the turn 1 acceleration allows us to play either a turn 2 Monastery Mentor or Young Pyromancer plus a spell.

Voice of Resurgence - This card is just a very powerful 2 drop. It forces control decks to burn 2 removal spells on it, and play on their own turn, as well as creates an abnormally large token in our deck.

Young Pyromancer - Monastery Mentor's little brother. It works extremely well in this shell and having 4 of these allows the deck to be a thing.

Monastery Mentor - The namesake card for the deck, and for good reason. Anyone who looks at this card can see how immensly powerful it is. It creates immense value, especially with the 24 cards in the deck that cause it to trigger. I've been looking to build around this card for a while, and this feels like a good shell for it.

Lightning Bolt - One of the best cards in modern. It makes sense to make this a 4 of, considering how effecient and synergistic this card is.

Path to Exile - Another effecient removal spell, because effecient removal in modern is very important.

Gut Shot - A free removal spell that hits a lot more than you would think in the format. Also the fact that you can cast it for no mana, is very powerful in our deck (also R.I.P. Gitaxian Probe).

Commune with Nature - This is a flex slot in the deck. I like this because it helps to dig for our Monastery Mentor or Young Pyromancer, as well as synergizing if you already have one out. I'm unsure about this card, but it feels pretty alright so far.

Atarka's Command - This is another flex slot in the deck. I think it's pretty good considering it burns to help us close games, and can represent a lot damage with tokens on the board. Unsure if this card is win-more though, so it needs more testing.

Call of the Conclave - An efficient creature that also synergizes with the deck. It is a powerful card to begin with, and seems only natural to include in this deck.

Search for Tomorrow - This card is a great turn 1 play. It comes off suspend in time to give a Young Pyromancer trigger, or play a Monastery Mentor with extra mana available. The synergy with this deck just feels wonderful.

Harmonize - This is a flew slot, but a deck of this style feels like it needs card draw, and this is the best option in the colours. Its currently a 1 of while I test it out, but I'm not sure how this card proforms.

Smuggler's Copter - This is crewed by any of the tokens you make, and can loot away extra lands. Honestly surprised this isn't played more in modern.

Elspeth, Knight-Errant - A great card for any white midrange deck. Both plus' are relevant at most stages of a game, and if you stick this against control, it's very hard for them to win.


Grafdigger's Cage - Graveyard hate is pretty useful in the current meta, and the fact that this card turns of Collected Company is good as well.

Path to Exile - Just in case you need a 4th copy.

Ancient Grudge - Great for Affinity or Lantern Control, and the flashback is value with our build.

Blessed Alliance - Very good against Infect, Burn, or Death's Shadow . So versatile that its hard to find a reason not to run it.

Deflecting Palm - Another card for the same match-ups as above, but can also find its way in against Eldrazi Tron.

Dromoka's Command - This card is mainly here to combat Anger of the Gods but is also reasonable against decks like Burn, and find fringe use killing enchantments in Boggles or other decks.

Qasali Pridemage - Mainly here as a flex for either artifact or enchantment removal, but is a reasonable creature on its own.

Rest in Peace - Another graveyard hate spell, completely shutting down those styles of deck, wiothout really effecting us.

Stony Silence - This card can just win the game against Tron or Affinity. And easy inclusion in any white deck.

Well that's the deck. If you like it, feel free to give it a +. If you have any suggestions, please leave them in the comments, as I want to make this deck as powerful as possible.


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