With the ban of certain cards in modern, and the meta always changing, I try to bring this deck into the light of so many great decks in modern.


Sakura-Tribe Elder, Wood Elves, Farseek , Solemn Simulacrum

Early defense, ramp, thin out the deck for better draw, setup for Through the Breach and all of our big boys.

Xenagos, God of Revels

our five slot curving into Primeval Titan and also making our little guys just a little bigger. Kessig Wolf Run and the god can get crazy before combat!!

Primeval Titan

does what he does best grab lands. When this guys comes online I usually grab Urza's Tower and Kessig Wolf Run if the cards are not in play yet. So when you attack you can fetch for the other Urza pieces to give you more mana.

Wurmcoil Engine

gain us some life. Most likely he gonna get path but its okay we are a ramp deck it sets up for Tooth and Nail

Summoning Trap

the big brother of Collected Company its a way to cheat in Emrakul, Aeons of Torn This card does not see that much play that is why it is so good. No one expect jank!!

Tooth and Nail

Entwine grab Emrakul, and the god it should be close to game.

Emrakul, the Aeons of Torn

Mr. Clean up!! with Kessig Wolf Run giving him trample is GG!!


The sideboard is against agro decksBlasphemous Act I thought I give that a shot with all the eldrazi decks running around.

Now if your not a Tooth and Nail fan you can actually go into Scapeshift with this deck as well as another win con lowering your curve.

Upvote if you like this deck or got any suggestion please feel free to comment!!!

Like always, thanks for your time and have fun!!


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