Casual Commander deck that makes use of the "budget" extra turn cards. While the deck is essentially just a gimmick and more of a joke than anything else, it does have a win con.

Just One More Turn...Mechanized Production and Darksteel Reactor are the true win conditions for this deck. With extra turns comes extra upkeeps, allowing both cards effects to come online sooner than usual. Energy Chamber and card:Thrumming Bird also help the progression for the Reactor. While extra turns are the name of the game, this deck makes use of small pseudo effects, that keep opponents from doing much of anything on their turns. Gigadrowse and Cryptic Command being the main focus.

Turn 5 is the goal, by then most cards in the deck should be playable, or at least on their way to being so. This is the point where my turn should theoretically never end or give me enough time for the combos to make their way on to the field.


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