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Legacy* Budget Casual Combo


A little combo featuring Laboratory Maniac + Leveler along with a few other cards to help things along as well as make things a bit safer. The idea is to get Leveler out while Laboratory Maniac is already out to ensure that the combo works, however if there is an enchantment/spell that allows you to play creatures as though they have flash that could work as well. Otherwise, I basically just committed suicide. Another, Idea that could work if need is removing my ability/need to draw.

Ideas that I'm looking for are things I can fall back on if Laboratory Maniac dies, or possibly ways to speed the deck up so I can get a much quicker win. So far it looks like a turn 4 win is possible but with a perfect hand of 2 Dark Rituals, a Swamp, and Island, Leveler, and Laboratory Maniac as well as another land. Of course another Dark Ritual would work as well


Temple Bell as an idea to "finish" myself off thus winning when I want to

Sol Ring as an idea to hasten the win, as well as guaranteed mana if I don't get Leveler


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