The goal for this deck is to keep your opponent from playing anything for as long as possible. Keep their lands on board to a minimum and lock them at very low mana with limited resources. Even if they do get something out it comes in tapped or gets blown up later. The hardest part is actually killing them once they're locked since the creatures are small and no player burn. I have just basics for now but I'll probably add some shock lands for early fixing. I want to stay away from taplands as the first 3 turns are crucial to winning with this deck. Any tips appreciated.


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Cut 4 intimidation bolts for the 4 lightning helix and cut 1 each of turf wound and solfatara for the scepters. Looks like the lock should be easier to get and maintain. Also some lifegain if I add the pain/shocklands for turn 1-2 fixing.


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