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Gerrard, Weatherlight Hero

Commander / EDH RW (Boros)



This Gerrard deck will aim to go for infinite draw using Gerrard, Weatherlight Hero + Something that brings Gerrard back + An artifact that draws when ETB/LTB + Something else that lets us sacrifice creatures and artifacts.

Once we have infinite draw we can play our zero cost mana rocks and put them through the grinder and gain infinite mana.

After we get infinite mana we can finish everyone else off with Aurelia's Fury .

The deck has a built in graveyard to library recursion in Conjurer's Bauble and with infinite draws we are basically immune to counter spells.

Cards like Krark-Clan Shaman Greater Gragadon and Claws of Gix are great because it allows us to get rid of artifacts and creatures at the same time. But Krark-Clan Shaman also damages all non-flying creatures aka Gerrard and the rest of the field.

This deck is not very easy to pilot and combo cards make it seem like the combo isn't assembled but it actually is assembled.

There is a loop independent of Gerrard that consists of 7 cards which is: Creature + Sunforger + Conjurer's Bauble + Artifact Sac outlet + 3 Colorless + 1 Red + 1 white + Second Sunrise. Add an artifact that can draw and we have infinite draw!

Hope I can convince some of the Boros players to try out this deck in the play test and see what I mean. We abuse the graveyard recursion instead of controlling the board with massive wipes that take major resources to cast.


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