My Arcades,The Strategist deck in progress. So far it plays pretty well. Any thoughts and suggestions are more than welcome, I have only a limited collection as I have only been playing since M19.


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Ok, so I thought "What the heck" and purchased two packs of Iconic Masters on clearance at my local games store. Cos, you know, one isn't enough, what if you miss our on that one card that would instantly improve your deck right? I should've stopped at one! Upon opening, I find the second card is Doorkeeper, next is Search for Tomorrow, then a Star Compass. I get to the uncommons, and here is a Sultai Flayer. Hmm, working well so far. Then a Mana Drain...

As I said, should've stopped at one pack...

So I've made some changes to the deck, as well as adding more lands, I was getting stuck way too often on two or three by turn 8


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